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Which Came First – Bible or Quran?

Wake Up! Wake Up!

UI – Part 216 – Which Came First – Bible or Quran?

Chicken or Egg

This is not a chicken or egg question. It is a Bible or Quran question.

Many Islamic scholars are teaching the Quran was ‘uncreated’.  What does that imply? As God is uncreated so too they are claiming, attempting to convince all Muslims, all humans, the Quran is ‘uncreated’. So God sat around the day he created the universe with the Quran in his lap saying this book will guide the human inhabitants I place on earth.  I do not believe that.

Inspired Word of God

Biblical scholars do not proclaim the Bible as ‘uncreated’. The Bible is ‘inspired’, the infallibly Inspired Word of God.  It was written by humans whose hands were guided by the supernatural, whose record provides for everyone a pathway to live life and ascend to the eternal kingdom of peace which…

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