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My Top 2015 Animes

2015 had a pretty decent amount of animes. Here are my top 5 of the year.


  1. Yona of the Dawn


This was the clear winner for me. Yona was such a unique kind of shojo fantasy anime because it took place in feudal times in Korea and the cast of characters were more than meets the eye. Su-won may have one of the most compelling antagonist I’ve seen not only in the genre itself, but in anime generally. Yona herself is without a doubt the best protagonist in the genre as she proves it by her strong will and empathy towards others. It’s quite a contrast in character comparing her from the first to last episode. Still, no announcement for a continuation which is unfortunate, but there’s always the manga and it gets better.


2. Parasyte


One of the very few anime where I rated a perfect 10/10, but why is it in the number 2 spot? School. I hate it when anime takes place in school or some academy. That trend needs to die. Other than that, Parasyte manga was excellent and this adaptation did it justice. Perhaps even better! Also, the OP song is fantastic. While I disliked the ED song, it served its purpose well on a certain character’s death that evoked emotions thanks to the timing of the song. This is a Madhouse studio anime that spells out quality. Not just in visuals, but storytelling with thought provoking themes.


3. One Punch Man


Another Madhouse anime where they really push their tv quality animation to their limits. Honestly, it’s been a while since I laughed this much in an anime. One Punch Man is basically Japan’s take on super heroes but of course it’s a parody and a satire to shonen fighting anime. This is the type of show that attract the more general audience. It’s a great “watch together with your friends” show that’ll give you plenty laughs and thrill.


4. The Heroic Legend of Arslan


The show suffered through very inconsistent quality of animation but the premise and the likable main cast made Arslan a worthy show. Like Yona of the Dawn, it ends in the middle of a story but at least it’s getting a 2nd season thankfully! There is an old 90s OVA series that progressed the plot even more, so check that out if you can’t wait for season 2.




The underrated gem of the year. I did not watch this as it was airing. The school setting drew me off instantly when I saw the screenshots. However, after hearing so many good things about the show, I gave it a shot and I was thankful that the school parts were only the first 5 min of episode 1. This an anime about making anime, kinda similar to Bakuman where it’s about making a manga. The cutesy character designs could be a turn off for some, but realities of anime industries depicted here gives off a more down to earth setting.

  1. July 30, 2016 at 6:29 pm

    Parasyte topped my top 5 anime of last year. I have just started watching Yona and it’s pretty good.

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