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January 24, 2017 Leave a comment

Couple weeks ago, my GTX 780ti died on me all of a sudden. I was getting tons of white boxes and lines all over both of my monitors. After doing every textbook diagnostics, it was time for my to contact EVGA to check on my warranty. Thankfully, I had about 50 days left before the expiration date. So I sent mine in through UPS with their pricey shipping label ($28) and waited a few days. Afterwards, I got an email response from EVGA about sending me a replacement card. Curiously, I googled up the serial/product number that was in the email, and surprisingly, they sent me the GTX 980ti. What an upgrade! I couldn’t be happier. That saved me $500 right there. It’s too bad they didn’t include a backplate on that card but whatever. Back to intense gaming! 😀

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My Top 5 Purchases of 2014

December 29, 2014 Leave a comment

In no particular order…

1. Moto G LTE

My Samsung Galaxy SII was getting dated trying to run some of the current apps and touchwiz was slowly degrading my feelings towards the phone. Looking at other phones, the HTC One m8 was my top pick but it was too pricey for the unlocked version. Moto X seemed like something I was looking for but still a bit beyond my budget range. The iPhone (5 & beyond) was out of the question because I hate itunes to death and the lack of SDcard expansion slot makes not ever want to buy into apple’s phones ever. Enter the Moto G LTE. This device has everything I ever needed in a phone. No useless fancy feature like double tapping screen activation or voice command etc etc. Bought this baby for $220 unlocked meaning near stock android experience. I still love this phone to this very day. My only complaints are no front facing speakers and small volume rockers. Aside from that, I love the shape and overall size. The battery life is decent enough to last you an entire day on moderate usage (call, text, music, email, camera, web browsing).


2. EVGA Nvidia GTX 780Ti Superclocked w/ACX Cooler

This thing’s an absolute beast! Any game I throw at it with max settings, the card hardly breaks a sweat. In fact, the highest automatic fan speed has reached 40% and temperature wise came out to 55 degrees C. Consoles got nothing on this. The power consumption’s much lower than my previous video card which was Radeon HD 6850, and 3 gigs of vram as opposed to 1 gig. At the time of purchase, the MSRP price was $729, however with a coupon code sent from newegg, the price I paid for was $640. Still expensive as hell but considering how long it’ll last me, it’s worth it. Once 4k becomes mainstream, then I’ll have to upgrade once again.


3. Sennheiser Red MX 365 Earbuds

It was time for me to upgrade my earbuds as my old ones were at its end. These earbuds are the best bang for the buck for the amazing sound clarity you get. I could’ve used the earbuds I won from a giveaway contest but those are in-ear buds which are the kinds I dislike. Very satisfying purchase overall.


4. Seasonic SS-660XP2 80 PLUS PLATINUM Full Modular

A fully modular PSU with 80 plus platinum power efficiency. Thanks to this, my PC is silent and clean inside the case. I don’t need anything more than 660w with the amount of parts I’m using. A $140 well spent.


5. Nendoroids

During my stay at Japan, I bought 3 nendoroid figures; Squid Girl, Marika from Bodacious Space Pirates, and Ichika from Ano Natsu. These things are so adorable to look at that it makes my day. I was able to get a really good price on the Ichika nendo for less than $20. There’s so many creative things you can do with these things, however I’m missing a good camera.