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music review: the GazettE – TRACES VOL.2

March 12, 2017 Leave a comment



In this album, we have the band’s best ballad songs compiled here. At first, I thought this was just another cash grab for the band with no changes to the songs whatsoever but I was wrong. Thank goodness.

My first impressions have been pretty decent. Every song here is rerecorded with some added arrangements and lyrics. Also, every song does not fade out except for ITO. Long time fans of the GazettE will appreciate this album because it’s got oldie songs such as Kare Uta, Reila, D.L.N., and Taion. All the songs here are great.

Now for the bad. This could be a hit or miss with the new recorded sound. It sounds very compressed and thick where as the original has a more balanced sound mixing. This may be because I’m used to the way the original sounded but your mileage may vary. While I love the emphasis put into the drums, it sounds artificial here. Come to think of it, this production is quite similar to Dir en grey’s THE UNRAVELING. My favorite GazettE ballad is PLEDGE, and to hear that the song butchered here was quite disappointing. Ruki’s voice no longer has that emotional impact that was in the original. The same result happened when I heard Dir en grey’s rerecorded version of THE FINAL. Guren has these children giggling in the background which is kinda creepy. I really miss the piano standout that was in Reila.

I think of this album as another option or a 2nd chance for those who didn’t like the way the original sounded. Either way, it gave me a good reason to listen to the oldie tracks again. Without a doubt, the new Kare Uta will be on my phone.

Rating: 7/10

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My Top Music Picks of 2015

January 1, 2016 Leave a comment

2015 was a great year for music releases.

Album of the Year: the GazettE – DOGMA


DOGMA is the strongest album from the GazettE by far. After all these months, I still come back to it. DOGMA, INCUBUS, and OMINOUS are the best tracks. It’s impressive how the band keeps all the songs catchy in the midst of the very dark and heavy tones. The first (not the intro) and last song have a progressive style song writing that makes it stand out than any songs the band has come out with. It’s a must listen for any metal listeners out there.


Honorable Mentions:

Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas – Feeling of Unity


It must really suck for these guys because PHASE 2 was already a great album but somehow, Feeling of Unity surpasses it. Now they gotta find some way to make the next album even better! Favorite tracks are Party Boys and The Demon Called Careless. Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas to me is like the better version of Blood Stain Child.


lynch. – D.A.R.K.-In the Name of Evil-


I don’t know what lynch was thinking when naming this album but it’s the worst I’ve heard this year. Aside from that, it’s still a good alternative metal album. D.A.R.K. and Fallen are highlight tracks for me. You’ll hear plenty of satisfying double bass drumming and breakdowns.


coldrain – VENA


Man, coldrain has come a long way since their debut album, Final Destination. Everything in VENA screams improvement. I really hope these guys find success internationally since their songs are sung in good actual english. VENA is nice post hardcore/alternative album worth your time. The Story and Whole are my favorite songs in the album.


she – Chiptune Memories


she does it again! This time, it sounds like its gone back to the original chiptune roots. The entire album is fantastic, so if you’re into electronic or chiptune music, look no further. The title song stands out the most.


SawanoHiroyuki[nZk] – o1


Lastly, there’s Hiroyuki Sawano. This man does pop music right by using mostly actual instruments and writes melodic songs that’s not generic garbage you hear everyday on the radio. There are a few rock songs in the album but the rest is pop. s-AVE is an amazing track that has an emotional tone that sounds like it needs a storytelling music video to make it more compelling. Any songs with Aimer singing is bound to be gold.


Single of the Year: the GazettE – UGLY


2015 has got to be the GazettE’s year. For them to come out with a great album and an excellent single following afterwards is really impressive. UGLY is a sick track and the b-sides actually sound better than hearing it from the previews. It makes me feel excited for whatever they’re gonna release next.

music review: the GazettE – DOGMA

August 30, 2015 Leave a comment


Gazette is one of those jrock bands that’s always worth checking out whenever they release something new. They’re so well known across the jrock random that there’s always a division among fans. Some just love to hate on them because of their popularity. I’m not too big on them but I always give them a listen since each of their releases has a share of songs I’ll enjoy regardless.

The title song itself immerses you to what kind of album this will be. Without a doubt, DOGMA is the band’s heaviest and darkest region yet. Things get quite unique the album hits the track, BIZARRE. I love the use of electronics here where it’s only applied that’s necessary. It gives off a very creepy atmosphere that’s almost similar to Dir en grey. It’s worth noting that Reita’s bass lines finally becomes noticeable rather than just hiding in the background following the flow of things. GRUDGE is another standout track where the band’s drummer, Kai, really shines. It’s incredible how much energy this guy has as a drummer almost to the point that rivals Shinya from Dir en grey. GRUDGE is also their most melodic track in the album where their signature melodic phase is most present. Things go back dark and heavy in DEUX with its thrashy guitars and monstrous drumming, and that ending… oh my. BLEMISH is the track I’ve anticipating the most based on the album preview, however it’s the most disappointing song in the album. The transitioning is a little awkward & abrupt from pre-chorus to chorus making it sound like a song from the left over idea pile. Lastly, OMINOUS is what the band does best, beautifully composed ballads. It’s very fitting to hear this as the final song of the album since there was no room for a breather throughout until now. The both guitar solos are quite memorable that flows so well with the song’s conveying emotions.

Overall, this is my favorite album from Gazette. I’m sure fans who loved their DIM album will certainly get a kick outta this. There’s a lot of metalcore and nu-metal influences here. Of course, plenty of headbanging tracks present. I can already tell the concerts will be a blast to go to. I’ll definitely be buying this album one these days.


Most Disappointing: BLEMISH

Rating: 9/10

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May 2, 2014 1 comment

Where do I begin? Well, if you like Kill la Kill then you’ll definitely like this, I hope.

Before you watch it, please be aware this is a random action AMV and it may cause disorientation to the eyes or pump your testosterone to critical levels due to its fast, cut throat, linear editing style. 😉

I’m just glad to finally put this out because of my close burn out stages of both the song and the anime. Pretty sure this happens with most editors when you spend months or perhaps years on a single AMV. However, that kind of stress is nothing compared to the amount of technical difficulties I’ve encountered during the making. Vegas constantly crashing on me losing a few hours of my work, preview screen blanking out on random spots for unknown reasons, and worst of all, hard drive failure. Thankfully, I backed up most of my project files before that happened. With this outta the way, I’m reverting back to Vegas 8 which was the most stable for me. No more 12.

On an interesting note, this is the first time in 3 years I’ve used a full song on an AMV. In most cases, I shorten it so that I have enough footage to fit in that increment otherwise I’d be screwed but here I had more than I needed. Whew…

Due to my enjoyment of the show, the urge for making a Kill la Kill AMV was triggered by listening to the GazettE’s song, THE STUPID TINY INSECT, from their BEAUTIFUL DEFORMITY album. It was the perfect mix and style considering how wacky & amusing the two are.

For download, click here:


Note: I submitted this to Anime Central’s AMV contest and I will attend to the convention this year.

music review: the GazettE – BEAUTIFUL DEFORMITY

October 27, 2013 Leave a comment

Oh Gazette, what you guys need is a one year hiatus.

I don’t know how these guys are able to pump an album every year but it’s clear that they’ve exhausted their juice. Most of the songs here sound very identical to their previous two albums. THE STUPID TINY INSECT is an obvious rip off from HEDORO in their Division Itd album, INSIDE BEAST sounds like a recycled track from all their songs (SUICIDE CIRCUS) that used electro synth, except worse due to muddled production quality. Then we got usual pointless headbang tracks that only results in giving me a headache. How many more do they have to make? The female background vocals make their return once again for better or worse. Ultimately, Ruki’s is the core problem with the band. It’s flat and boring as if he’s not trying or give a damn. I just can’t sense any passion in his singing. The screams and growls don’t make it any better, just the same constant tone. This is probably because the instruments are so dynamic in the background making his vocals so underwhelming or feel secondary. The only track where he makes an exception is REDO which I have to say is one of the few stand out tracks. Whenever I hear FADELESS. I think keep thinking I’m listening to Luna Sea’s Sweetest Coma Again. TO DAZZLING DARKNESS is another good track with a nice breakdown in the middle, then transitioning to an excellent outro, CODA. I have to admit, CODA is without a doubt the best track in this entire album. Can you believe that? An outro song being the best? Yep, I can’t believe it myself. That pretty much shows how much of a let down this album is. Overall, BEAUTIFUL DEFORMITY isn’t awful or ear cancer but it’s not good either. It’s more of TOXIC or DIVISION Itd version 2.0.


The Exceptions: LOSS, LAST HEAVEN


Rating: 4/10

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