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Gemini & Sam Ock – Not Alone

January 31, 2017 Leave a comment


Just discovered this today. Pretty nice graceful themed song.

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Song of the Day: Moe Shop – Superstar (w/ Hentai Dude)

September 11, 2016 Leave a comment

First off, awe inspiring cinematography in that video. 2nd, this song is weeaboo to the max. Just listen to the lyrics, it’s hilarious! But the tune is so catchy I can’t help it. This is the kind of rap music I can tolerate. Although I dislike hearing profanity in songs, at least this is better than ghetto rap that you typically hear on the radio. The album is free to download.


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Kagrra disbands

November 11, 2010 Leave a comment

The label PS COMPANY has announced that Kagrra, will cease activities. Instead of using the word ‘disbanded,’ the band members have expressed the wish to call it a ‘demise’ instead.

The band made this decision after multiple discussions and thank everyone that has supported and encouraged them during their ten-year career.

Kagrra, will say goodbye to their fans with a CD release and tour. The album Hyakkikenran will come out on February 2nd. Their last tour will start on February 13th and the final concert will take place on March 3rd at the C.C. Lemon Hall in Tokyo.

Demise sounds worse than disband! But that’s just me.

Their recent releases have been weak but still, they’re one of a kind jrock band. There’s no one out there that can combine traditional Japanese themes with rock as well as these guys. Looks like I’ll have to do the top 10 songs from them soon.

The first song I liked from them.

One of their better songs.

And my favorite. 🙂

Oops, forgot about about this. Probably the most beautiful PV I’ve seen.

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