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Acen 2017 Guest Expectations

May 3, 2017 Leave a comment

A short little rundown of my thoughts on the listed Anime Central guests.


Who the heck are these gals? According to acen, they done a song for Dragonball Kai which I never heard. Not sure if I going to attend to their concert. Maybe I’ll look up a few songs on youtube to see if they’re worthy.


Never heard of them, then I saw a name, Masashi Hamauzu. So that caught my interest cuz this guy was the composer for Final Fantasy 13 series. I’m in.


A must see for me. She’s the singer of the Macross Frontier character, Sheryl Nome. I really hope she sings Yousei. It’s my favorite Macross song ever. I’d be utterly let down if she didn’t.


As a Gundam fan, this is a nice surprise. This guy is the one and only voice actor for Amuro Ray. I gotta bring my Gundam bluray/DVDs for him sign.

My body is ready!

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Acen / AX2016 Video

August 21, 2016 Leave a comment

Finally I got around to compile this. The video is about all the con stuff I recorded during my stay. I wasn’t able to record as much as I wanted to due to some restrictions and the weight of my camera equipment causing some inconveniences around certain circumstances. Otherwise, enjoy! đŸ™‚

Anime Central 2016 Concert Review: Aoi Eir

May 22, 2016 Leave a comment



  • Every anime & video game associated song performed
  • She knows how to excite the crowd
  • Her voice sounds just like the recording


  • Not a single song outside of anime or video game performed
  • Back to the Hyatt Ballroom
  • No mosh area
  • Stage setup


I was excited when Acen announced the musical guest for this year, but then I became disappointed right after seeing the schedule pamphlet of to where she’s placed to perform. Let me explain before I’m called a cynic. When Kalafina did their thing back in 2013, they performed at the Rosement Theater, an actual concert hall, rightfully so. As big as the ballroom is in the hotel, it’s not designed for a concert. The Rosemont theater has architectural acoustics that’s engineered for live music. This however, disappoints me every time acen picks the ballroom. The audio sounds muffled and the sound control is very limited. I’m not gonna explain the science behind this but if you’re interested, google building acoustics. Despite of that, I’ll give credit to the sound mixers for doing their best to level it out enough for me to identify each song performed.

And that brings me to this point, if you’re only exposed to Aoi Eir’s music associated to anime and video games, you will be satisfied. Literally every song she sang here are from anime and games. Considering she performed at an anime con, it’s no surprise… but I was a bit let down. I was hoping she would slip one or two non anime songs in there but nope. As someone who’s listened to her entire discography, I say her album exclusive songs are far superior, like these two for example. If I remember correctly, the first song in the set list was Aurora from Gundam AGE which is probably my favorite of the animu songs.

I know I’m knocking this whole review down hard but there was no live band playing on stage. It was all pre-recorded bullshit. So Aoi Eir was solo on stage. That pretty much took all my excitement away. This makes the live feel less authentic. I want to see the guitarists, bassist, and drummer do their thing. At least Aoi knows how to energize the audience based on her firm confidence and experience. I guess Acen is too piss poor to afford a support band.

Here’s another case of one step forward and two steps backwards. So no mosh area this time. I don’t know why. It’s kinda weird since most of Aoi Eir’s songs are filled with energy. The entire ballroom was filled with poorly arranged seats. I feel bad for the very left and right side of the audience because the stage is only visible from the front thanks to curtains boxed off on the sides. Fortunately, there were some projection screens on the curtains for them to see.

Aoi Eir live vocals was fantastic to hear overall. She’s one of the best anime singers along with Maon Kurosaki and Aimer in this current generation. It’s too bad Anime Central didn’t handle her concert justice. I heard the Rosemont Theater had its slot reserved for the weekend which really blows. At least I did get to see her live with decent results. I’m sure her actual live tour around the country after this will, without a doubt, be much better.

My Score: C

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