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Quote of the Day

November 30, 2016 Leave a comment

I’m currently reading this book called No God but One, and have come across this amazing text.

It is virtually impossible to study these matters objectively. Not only do we all have a vested interest in defending the faiths we and our social circles have believed for years, but our beliefs color the way we receive information. The same data will be interpreted differently by people from disparate worldviews…our presuppositions affect the way we interpret the evidence, and we often see what we want to see.

What a compelling observation. That is one of the most intellectual things I’ve read in years.

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How to Convert MKVs to Lossless Editable Videos

January 15, 2015 Leave a comment


I’ve come across many forums and comments asking “Is there a way to edit MKV videos to <insert video editing program that’s NOT windows movie maker>?” Let’s face it. Most of us including myself don’t want to rip DVDs or Blurays because it’s a lot more work to deal with. And to be honest, raw DVD footage isn’t that great because they’re interlaced in weird ways that sometimes are a bit difficult to restore progressive footage and almost always require cleanup using various filters from avisynth. Everyone would rather use downloaded footage however, due its file container and compressed codec, professional editing programs like Premiere and Vegas won’t accept them. This is where I come in. Here, I present you a conversion guide that will make things a bit easier. If you’re an AMV editor like me or whatever, I hope you’ll find this guide useful. This is how I do it.


Tools Needed





Lagarith (in case UTvideo doesn’t work)

Make sure you install the latest version of these programs! DOWNLOAD


Step 1

After you install all that junk, open up AvsPmod.

step 1

Step 2

Next up, drag the mkv video file of your choice to AvsPmod. On a special note, the codec that commonly works is H264.

step 2

Once you drag the file, it should show up as something like this.

step 3

Now scrub the video a bit that’s on the bottom there. Depending on the video length, it may take a moment to show up the image. The first few scrubs may be blocky but that’s okay, it happens. Keep scrubbing at random parts until you see a clear image.



Step 3


Now go to File > either “Save script” or “Save script as…” Both will choose to save in the same location where the video is located by default. This creates an avisynth file in the directory.



Step 4

Now, we open up Virtual Dub. Drag the avisynth file to Vdub.


My Vdub is setup with two screens so it may look different for everyone else. After dragging the file to the program, scrub the indicator on the bottom to see the visuals. Again, pixelation and blocky scenes will appear so scrub to a clear image.



Step 5

Next, go up to Audio > select “No audio”. Unless you plan to use the source’s audio, then leave it alone.


And here’s the most important part. Go up to Video > select “Fast Recompress”, then select Compression > select on “Ut Video Codec YUV420” > click Configure > check on “Same as # of logical processors” and select on “Optimize for compression ratio”. Click OK.




Step 6

Finally, go up to File > “Save as AVI”, save it to where ever you like. Once that rendering window pops up, put the processing priority to Idle.


After it finishes encoding, the little window will disappear.

At last, you can finally edit the footage in Vegas or Premiere.


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Random Pics of Tokyo, Japan

September 11, 2014 Leave a comment
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@ShinStation needs help!

June 17, 2014 Leave a comment

For those who follow Gundamn@MAHQ podcast or any of ShinStation’s streaming events, tragedy has struck on one of the main hosts, Solo Bor… -errr I mean, Soul Bro Ryu. Most of his equipment got damaged through lightning.


As you can tell, lightning has become his worst mortal enemy. Now, if you’re asking yourself “What can I do to help out?”, there are a few ways. One simple answer is healing his bitter heart and mind with encouraging words through twitter or email. That may be easy but it’s a method that doesn’t always go into effect. If I were in that situation where my entire PC got fried along with external hdds connected, I’d be pretty depressed for weeks where words won’t be enough to do the job. With Soul Bro’s charismatic & positive attitude though, he’ll be able to tolerate it far better than me but who knows.

The bigger and more effective solution is donation. To do that, you must have a paypal account. Yes, I dislike paypal as well mainly due to fees but it’s a preferred method on his end. Donate whatever amount you choose and transfer to this email address,

If you choose to donate, Soul Bro will forever be grateful for your generosity and will be remembered as one of the few who saved ShinStation. I definitely wouldn’t want ShinStation to go away anytime soon. They’ve basically became my HBO for broadcast entertainment and deserve every bit of help they can get.

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Acen 2014 Highlights

May 20, 2014 Leave a comment

Now that’s finally over, here are my weekend in brief overview. I’ve only went Friday and Saturday by the way.


The Good

  • Refreshing feeling of going to a con after skipping out last year.
  • Walking around for hours makes up my lack of leg exercise.
  • Seeing my friends going to acen for the first time.
  • Nobuo Uematsu casually walking around the panel lines.
  • Meeting up with cool new peeps especially in the hotel room.
  • Trying out free drinks (thanks bartender dude!).
  • Some nice cosplays, especially Daft Punk, Mass Effect, Attack on Titan, and Kill la Kill.
  • Custom Gundam models on display.
  • Met Vertical Ed.
  • Funimation.
  • Didn’t spend a penny on a single merchandise.


The Bad

  • Crowded more than ever.
  • No bag policy in the video game room.
  • Missing out on some panels.
  • Panel schedule collision.
  • Irrational fans.
  • Half the cosplays are hideous to look at when it doesn’t match their physique.
  • Project H’s panel scheduled very late/early at night/morning.
  • I still don’t see a vendor selling j-rpgs.
  • Some people with terrible hygiene.
  • No free wi-fi.


The Ugly

  • One of my buddies waiting in registration line for more than 3 hours.
  • AMV events shafted off the guidebook.
  • Not enough spare PS3 consoles for me to try out GundamVS Extreme Full Boost and share the fun.
  • The prices, oh gosh, I could go on about this how everything is so freakin expensive.
  • The lack of fast food places or affordable diners in the area.
  • Still can’t find the Gundam X Divider HG.
  • Sold out Final Fantasy concert tickets early in the morning.
  • No Jpop/Jrock store? Seriously? Fuck kpop.
  • Embassy hotel’s sloooooow elevator.
  • Aniplex of America.


Chances of me going next year is pretty high. Hotel room is a possibility if I can enough people to split.

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Alvafloria – 2014 Media Project

March 7, 2014 Leave a comment

Tsundere Works

AF Wall

Alvafloria is our year-long multimedia project focusing on digital abstract 3d animation. Loosely meaning “dawn flower,” or “flowering at dawn,” Alvafloria refers to promotional videos done in this style. We hope to reach out to electronic independent musicians and labels, promoting their high-quality works in this manner.

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Christianity and Science

February 9, 2014 Leave a comment

Based on an article I was reading…

4. Christianity Supports Science


Collins said if he were given the opportunity to debate Bill Nye, he would start out “by insisting that the Christian faith gives us grounds for scientific enterprise because it assures us that the God who made the world also made our minds so we can understand the world and manipulate it.” Christianity presents an understanding of the world uniquely suited for scientific discovery.


Meyer agreed, referring to the history of science. “It is a widely recognized point by leading historians of science that science in its modern form came out of an early Christian milieu that the world would submit itself to rational investigation precisely because the world had been made by a rational creator who had also made our minds,” he said. Christians in the late medieval period investigated nature “to figure out how God put it together because they realized God was free and could have made it any number of ways.”


THIS! So this!

There was a certain sermon that my pastor preached upon that deals with God’s way of doing things whether it sense or not. It was the most thought provoking thing that occurred to me up to this day. When it comes to the birth and the resurrection of Jesus, nonbelievers will dismiss that as utter nonsense because it makes absolutely no sense to them. My pastor said, “A God that makes sense isn’t a God, but a God that doesn’t make sense is a God.” Sounds illogical while at the same time it’s logical. Being reminded about Jesus, the thought totally sunk in. God works in mysterious ways we’ll never understand. Because humanity is so self righteous and prideful, people will call it BS when things are beyond our understanding. But what does this have to do with the article? Well let me explain. People who don’t know about God (not atheists) wants science to prove the existence of higher power. Science is an absolute necessity for humanity, however it has its limits. And those limits are us, as in human beings. We humans were created by our creator. Get it? I’ll put it to you this way. For example, let’s just say I’m god and I created the world and people. I give them a fraction of my knowledge that’s sufficient for their needs. If I give them everything, then the whole purpose of “God” renders meaningless because they won’t need me or worship me. Everything I’ll do will easily compute since their level of understanding is the same as mine. Hopefully that clears it up. To those people who are clinging to science to prove the afterlife or anything spirituality, well you’re at a dead end. As long as we’re alive, we’re capped by what we have. Coming to that realization, everything became clear to me and my faith in Christ is 100% secure. The question is do you accept creationism as the truth or do you reject it?

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