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Upcoming Gundam Front Tokyo Stuff

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Bandai announced on Sunday that after the Gundam Front Tokyo amusement park closes at the DiverCity Tokyo mall on April 5, The Gundam Base Tokyo complex will take its place this summer. The complex on the mall’s seventh floor will be Japan’s largest one devoted to Gundam plastic models (Gunpla), as well as a “base” for disseminating news and information to Gundam fans.

More News

The anime studio Sunrise announced at Sunday’s closing ceremony for the life-size Gundam statue (pictured below) in Tokyo that a new life-size statue will debut this fall. The new statue will depict the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam from the Mobile Suit Gundam UC anime. The new statue will debut at the site of the current statue, in front of the DiverCity Tokyo mall on the artificial island of Odaiba.

Wow, now I have a good reason to go to Japan this year or the year after. I’ve been hearing rumors left and right about what will happen to the Gundam statue but now it’s confirmed. Not only that, but a Gunpla center? This is exciting stuff. Ideally, I want to visit the country during the spring season so I can see the cherry blossoms but that obviously won’t happen this year. Most likely 2018 will be guaranteed. Hopefully I can find a travel partner who’s open minded enough to go to various places around the country rather than simply staying in the city. 🙂


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