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Song of the Day: Lecrae – Take Me As I Am

When it comes to hip hop or rap music, I’m really picky. Lyrically, it’s one of the biggest reasons I can never get into it long term because of endless cussing and same exact themes of violence, sex, money, and drugs. I’m also really picky when it comes to Christian music since it musically lacks variety. The reason for that is praise lyrics tends to be the main focus. That’s why there’s not much emphasis on the composition or the instrumental techniques, but when it does try to go outside the box, the execution falls flat making it sound unappealing. I knew about Lecrae for some time but never really bothered to listen to any of his songs until I watched a documentary that used one of this songs for the ending credits. This is actually pretty good. Really good! The rap style reminds me of Tupac. The beats sound great and the lyrics are meaningful and emotional. Looks like I’ll have to do some discography search ups for Lecrae. 🙂

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