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Anime Season Roundup


91 Days – 12 years ago (wow so much time has passed), I declared Gungrave as my all time favorite anime and nothing could ever stand on par with it since. This time, a show competent enough has stepped into the same level of Gungrave quality. Every episode has been stellar. Like Gungrave, it’s a mafia revenge story minus the sci-fi twists. This show is anime storytelling at its finest, a Shakespearean, how to write a good plot 101. Only spanning at 12 episodes total, you have no excuse to not watch this. It’s a must. Rating: 10/10

Mob Psycho 100 – Very entertaining and humorous throughout. By the same creator as One Punch Man. The sketchy animation style is quite unique leaving no animated shortcuts making it feel refreshing. If the studio decided to not continue with a 2nd season or sequel, I’d be completely fine with that. Rating: 9/10

Macross Delta – I really enjoyed the show and wanted to love it, but that last episode was basically a big FU from Shoji Kawamori. It was rushed, half assed, mostly unresolved, and just an unsatisfying conclusion. The finale doesn’t need to be Macross Frontier levels of action packed, but just give us a proper closure. After all that tease, we still don’t know who Lady M is. Although the love triangle was resolved, it was done so predictably because only one of the girls got enough emphasis in the relationship. I have no issues with Freyja being picked but Mirage was shafted so hard that it was hardly a love triangle to begin with. The villain’s motive was essentially the same as Grace from Macross Frontier trying to connect with everyone’s mind. So what’s gonna happen to Windemere now after they retreated? Just call it quits after that temporary alliance? The series needs an extra 10 eps or a sequel. IF they decide to do multi-part movies by alternate retelling the story, they better tell us who Lady M is at least. Rating: 8/10

Berserk – Not the adaptation we deserve, but the one we need. I thought the reception was so bad it wouldn’t merit a season 2 but apparently it did. Despite of the ugly visuals, I didn’t hate this show. It was about time to see Berserk that’s not the Golden Age arc. Overall, above average at best. I’ll watch season 2 but not excited for it. Rating: 6/10

Tales of Zestiria the X – Why can’t ufotable adapt Berserk instead of this trash? It’s funny how this show really pushes Alisha to be part of the main cast even though she plays small roles in the game. Also, what the hell were they thinking shoving Tales of Berseria in the middle? Sure I get they want to promote the game but not like this. I had absolutely no idea what Berseria had anything to do with Zestiria until I had to google it. Having two plots in a single show will only result in a mess. That Berseria insert should’ve been DVD only eps. The animation was godly but undeserved. Rating: 5/10

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