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Still the Same a-m-v.org

An example of a website behind on times. It stubbornly stays the same trying to keep itself alive.


All that space on the sides. Imagine the disaster when 4k users have to deal with this atrocity. They would need a magnifying glass to just read the text.

On this day and age, mainstream users are rocking 1080p resolutions on their PCs or whatever devices. Due to evolving techs out there, websites need to make changes in order to be optimized for easier viewing.


Deleting a video should be the editor’s choice, NOT THE SITE’S, regardless of reasons. It’s no wonder why the org is dying. Editors these days transitioning to youtube.


Can we please have those steps all in ONE page? Also, finding the anime/music is a pain in the ass sometimes.


Want to search the AMV by anime or music, this is how they STILL do it. The list pops up on the left side. Oh my eyes.


You can’t be serious…


We’re in the 2016 and this forum STILL refuses to have a fucking edit button on user’s posts. One step forward, two steps backwards. It makes no freakin sense to not have that. People make mistake whenever they post whether it’d be spelling/grammar or accidentally pressing the wrong button.


After clicking on Local for download, this donation page still shoves you in the face before downloading making you one click away from downloading.

Here’s another annoyance that’s been bothering me ever since I uploaded the Shinjuku Station bumpers onto their site, THEY STILL FORCE YOU TO USE FTPs TO UPLOAD. GET ON WITH THE TIMES YOU HOES!

It’s a ghost town. Very few members are still active. The site rarely updates. Do I still recommend this site for your main AMV headquarters? It’s hard to say. With youtube cracking down videos with copyright strikes, there’s not much of a choice, it’s the last resort to watch AMVs.

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