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movie review: The Big Short


This movie takes a very boring subject matter and turns it into a very engaging flick that’s based on actual events and ultimately, making you angry at the end of the flick. Initially, I wasn’t interested in this movie even with the list of big name actors, until one of my co-workers told me how good it was. The basic synopsis is financial market crash from the housing mortgage back in 2005. Due to all the financial terminology, I had a very difficult time trying to retain the film’s full understanding but at the same time, it wasn’t hard to follow in a basic story sense. The whole cast did an incredible acting job. Steve Carell stood out to me the most because he plays a character who’s righteously angry at all those corrupt & greedy corps and wallstreet, the type of person I would immediately root for. He’s a like an angry & vulgar version of Bernie Sanders. I personally prefer The Big Short over The Wolf of Wallstreet because of the educational/intellectual value it holds. I highly recommend this movie to everyone.  It will make you think twice before buying a house.

Rating: 9/10

On a personal note… these events affected our family’s financial situation when we bought our home back in 2004. Wondered why we’re broke all the time? THIS happened. My prediction on the next financial market crash would be student loans.

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