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movie review: Star Trek Beyond


Let’s cut to the chase. It was utterly disappointing. I couldn’t tell which one was worse, either Into Dumbness or Beyond. During the middle act, I literally almost fell asleep. Had to force myself to stay awake but the awful pacing did not help. Thanks to the lazy writing relying on plot devices, story was very predictable. The build up to many plot points was lacking and overall plot itself was illogical. This is one of those movies where I thought I enjoyed it, but the more I think about it, the more I dislike it.


Spoilers from here on out.

  • Yorktown base looked pretty cool but the short panning here and there did not give enough exposure to the setting.
  • The villain was total weaksauce. His motivation made absolutely no sense considering the circumstances around it. Alright so, he’s angry because his ship crashed landed on a deserted planet which is completely habitable by the way and the federation wouldn’t rescue him. However, he’s found a way to prolong his life and this crew for more than a hundred years. Why not just build civilization there?
  • Where did the enemy force get all those resources to build thousands of those ships? There’s no way their small ass base could harbor all that. And how exactly did the hive like formation work? Since everyone was piloting those, it’d be impossible to keep up with such instantaneous communication during battle. None of this stuff never made sense or was even explained. Just how did that entire fleet hyperspace jump all the way to Yorktown? What was the point of Enterprise going to that uncharted territory anyways?
  • I was hoping the alien chick wouldn’t pull such a predictable traitorous move when she arrived at Yorktown but alas.
  • That alien chick who looked like she had facehugger stretched out and pressed onto her face creeped me out.
  • The plot device the enemy was after that happened to be a menacing weapon failed to show the level of danger. The enemy live mind fleet showed far more danger than that.
  • Here’s one of the dumbest parts of the movie. So music can be used as a weapon to explode nearby enemy fighters. But how come that didn’t affect McCoy/Spock’s or Krall’s ship?
  • The action scenes were really disorientating. Shaky cams, extreme closeups, and fast cuts. What is this? Jason Borne?
  • After many many years, the USSD Franklin happens to be fully functional?
  • Hardly anything was developed at all.

Rating: 4/10

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