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music review: Macross Delta Insert Song Album – Walküre Attack!

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Quickie review!

I’m no fan of idol group music or something very otaku bait, but after hearing songs from the anime throughout the show’s run so far, I’ve grown to like it for the most part. Now that I had the time to properly listen to this album, here are my brief thoughts.

My favorite track is Walküre Attack! I love how rigorous the drumming is sounding like power pop. It definitely packs a punch. I can see this track as the “go to” action song. Walküre Attack! is a worthy song to be transferred to my phone so I can listen to it during work.

Fukakuteisei COSMIC MOVEMENT is another decent track. It’s got a very catchy intro and uplifting melody that’s pleasing to the ear. There are some cutesy / moe voice inserts but it doesn’t overwhelm the overall track.

The full OP song I didn’t care since it sounds a bit too generic for my tastes but the ED, Rune ga Pikatto Hikattara ~album version~, is a nice little fun listen. I really like Freyja’s voice, especially during the chorus.

The engrish in NEO STREAM is just embarrassing to listen to. Other tracks come off as tolerable or just plain generic.

Overall, it’s an album worth your attention if you liked the music from Macross Delta.

Rating: 7/10

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