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My Top 10 Greatest Hits (girugamesh)


Yep, it happened, unexpectedly. 12 years of their journey, but now they’ve reached their destination. girugamesh was the first visual kei band I’ve listened to that was from an independent label. They were one of the very few VK bands with a fantastic vocalist. Satoshi’s vocals was such a godsend to my ears compared to all these crappy indie vocalists out there. He can scream, growl, and sing incredibly well that it feels so natural. How I discovered these guys was watching their first PV to the song Owari to Mirai. First album I listened was 13’s Reborn. Since then, I’ve been up to date with their discography. I own [Goku]-Shohan Kata Enban- mini album, 13’s Reborn, their self-titled album, and MUSIC album CDs. MUSIC was such a controversial change in their direction but one song in that album made it godly, so I didn’t mind. From there on, it became hit or miss. Here’s my countdown.

  1. puzzle
  2. volcano (LIVE BEST)
  4. Vortex
  5. Crying Rain
  6. Real my place
  7. smash!! (LIVE BEST)
  8. Inochi no Ki
  9. Vision
  10. Zantetsuken

Well, that was tougher than I thought. But that pretty much tells you they have plenty of great songs worth listening to. I really hope all the members continue their music career as they’ve shown their talents. I found Ryo to be the weakest link of the band as a drummer but he’s capable of song writing and surprisingly multi-talented on various instruments. Shuu is a pretty decent bassist that’s a little underused. Nii is one hell of a guitarist and I’m sure his future is secured. I don’t know what’s gonna happen to REDMAN but I hope Satoshi returns there to continue as their vocalist. Or whatever project he’s got planned, I’ll definitely follow.


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