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Anime: Best of Winter Season & What’s Good in Spring

It’s been a while since I updated this blog, so let me keep it up to date with what I watched.

Best Winter Season Anime:

ERASED: With it’s incredible production values spanning only at 12 episodes total, ERASED blew many away. The visuals were consistently good matching its near-OVA quality and the voice acting felt very natural. The show introduces time travel elements but the main course of the show is suspense thriller. Indeed there’s a school setting involved, however it doesn’t waste time pandering in that setting which makes it more tolerable for me to watch. My favorite episode has got to be 8 where there’s a brief moment when things were shown in Kayo’s perspective flashbacking her awful situations caused by her abusive mother. Things were definitely rushed in the final two eps but the conclusion was far more satisfying than its original manga source. 8/10

Snow White with the Red Hair Season 2: As a man with a shojo fantasy soft spot, season 2 starts off so well that it brings everything that was great about season 1 packaged in a single episode. It demonstrates the balance of slice of life and plot progression. This show is a perfect stress reliever for me every time I come back from work. When the series hits around the middle, the plot thickens in an arc that involves pirates and two kingdoms striving for peace. One of the show’s biggest strengths is the likeable main cast. Aside from Shirayuki and Zen, the supporting characters like Kiki and Oogi outshine their roles by doing things that main heroes would do. Let’s not forget about the gorgeous orchestral music that’s like a character itself. Although this is a shojo genre, the designs never felt like a shojo anime. I think it can appeal to both genders. Hopefully, we’ll see a season 3 soon. 8/10


My Spring Season Picks

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4 – Diamond Is Unbreakable: It’s Jojo, what did you expect? The only shonen anime I can tolerate at the moment where it has a bizarre mix of action and black comedy. This time, there’s a new Jojo character in town, but Jotaro still makes an appearance as a supporting role. I think this sequel takes about 1o years after the previous one.

Joker Game: Wow, after watching that first episode, I’m sold. All adult main characters with a promising premise. Here’s what you need to know; World War 2, spies, military, seinen, Production IG. The only thing that has me concerned is the pacing since it’s only scheduled for 12 eps.

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress: This is basically another Attack on Titan in every sense. When a show combines 3 genres – zombies, feudal Japan, steampunk – you can’t help but to be curious how this will turn out. Main character is your typical hot blooded shonen lead but I find him to be more interesting than Eren from AoT design wise. Music is, of course, by Hiroyuki Sawano. The ED song maybe the best I’ve heard from Aimer. Other than that, it is the blockbuster this season.

Macross Delta: I’m really digging this show. The music however, no so much. Sounds a bit too Kpop-y to me. Maybe I’m not used to it yet, plus they’ve only introduced about 4 songs so far, so I’ll reserve my judgement till half way. The first episode is pretty much a retread of almost every macross series – alien attacks, main dude gets in valkyrie, saves soon-to-be idol girl. Mecha action is CG animated and I dig it. Can’t wait to watch more of it. The love triangle is certainly gonna be interesting, or will it end up being a harem? 😮



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