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movie review: Deadpool


Finally, a Deadpool movie. Took them long enough. It’s a fine entertaining overall but it’s somewhat underwhelming. The cast is spot on. Ryan Renolds does an excellent job acting the character. The romance was unexpectedly genuine as it makes a great film for Valentine’s day. I love how this movie is so satirical and completely self aware of almost everything, thus having Deadpool break the 4th wall. The problems I had with this film was the humor. Most of the jokes didn’t do it for me. I only ended up laughing about a 3rd of the amount of jokes spewed out from the lines. It felt like the movie was trying too hard to be comedic. It may have been the timing of jokes, too juvenile, or the jokes feel like it’s from the 90s. Deadpool’s constant shit talking didn’t really help either. The opening credits was hilarious though, as well as the comment of not having enough budget to bring more xmen guys when Deadpool visits the Xaviour house. The villain unfortunately was generic as pie and doesn’t do anything that outdoes the role. Stan Lee’s cameo in the strip club was quite amusing.

So this is worth seeing, however I don’t think it’s worth the bluray or watching it twice.

Rating: 7/10


On a side note, or rather rant, I like to give a big F U to parents for bringing their kids/babies to see this movie. WTF is wrong with you people? This is a rated R film! Did you not see any of the marketing ads? It ruins other people’s viewing experience when kids are yapping and babies are crying. Seriously folks, it’s annoying enough hearing popcorns being grabbed and crunched. Don’t make it worse.


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