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2 Weeks with the Nexus 6P

Long story short, I’m pretty much set on using this as my daily driver. It was a little intimidating at first coming from the first gen Moto G. My immediate impressions when opening the box were, “man this thing is huge” even though I did expect it to be big. I’m expecting to keep this for at least 3 years unless if something better comes out from google (or motorola).


  • Stock android
  • Dual front facing stereo speakers (they sound great!)
  • Upgraded camera
  • Good call quality
  • Fingerprint scanner on the back makes a lot of sense and it’s quite responsive for the most part
  • Durable feel thanks to aluminum build
  • USB type C fast charging
  • Beautiful amoled display
  • First in line for android updates
  • Stellar performance
  • Decent battery life thanks to amoled display and doze feature
  • 32gig for entry model
  • Affordable flagship
  • Free $50 google play credit
  • Project Fi


  • Too thin for its own good. The thinness war is ridiculous.
  • Slippery back and not grippy enough
  • USB type C required me to buy new sets of cables. I understand this will be the new standard but it’s a little too early…
  • Still no way to clear all recent apps stack on android marshmellow
  • Quad HD resolution is still unnecessary, I don’t see a difference between 1080p and QHD. I’ll take 1080p over anything higher to get extra battery life.


  • Volume rocker. It’s too small for a phone size like this and it needs to be placed on the other side, let it be either power or volume. This is the one thing iPhones get right – separate volume buttons. It’s rigid and easy to identify. Take that into consideration google.
  • No OIS (optical image stabilization). Come on google! Or rather Huawei. With that little camera bump, there’s no excuse! Having larger sensors is nice but OIS is needed for video recording.
  • Lack of micro SD card. This was the biggest sacrifice I had to make to decide on my purchase. While 32 gigs is more than enough size for me to accommodate, I still would’ve liked a separate storage for my personal stuff like music, videos, and pics.


This is my first experience with a phablet and flagship phone. I have the Project Fi sim card however, I haven’t activated yet due to waiting on a better value for its data plan. Maybe once I head overseas for something, I’ll switch to Fi.

If you’re in the android phone market to upgrade, look no further than Nexus 6P. Otherwise, Motorola phones are also a good choice since they use stock android. Buy it from the manufacturer’s site, never the carrier stores!

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