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Anime I’m Currently Watching…

K: Return of Kings

Assuming this is the final installment of K since we had the first TV series a few years back and the movie following after that, I wonder if the show can complete its story in the last 5 remaining eps. It’s nice to see the 3 original factions working together against the green clansmen. As usual, the stylistic visual does a fine job keeping that look. I’ve honestly never watch the K franchise for its content, it’s always for its visual aesthetics. The cinematography was incredible to see with its camera placement, but I think they overdid it a little bit here in this season. The animation didn’t take a step back which is nice.


Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans

Here’s the clear winner of this season. During the sunrise announcement, my anticipation wasn’t that high for Iron-Blooded Orphans, but wow, I was immediately hooked within the first episode. I really like the mature tone here and the 00 esque designs on the mechs. It starts out in Mars, then our to space to journey their way to Earth. Mikazuki has certainly shown that he’s more capable of doing his job right than Heero & Setsuna combined by sticking with Orga’s orders, no nonsense or bullshitting around. I’m really glad he’s not an accidental pilot or naive teenager. Many viewers have complained about Mikazuki being too stoic, blindly loyal, and killing enemies without a 2nd thought, but the way I see it, he has a very strong conviction and he trusts Orga as a leader based on their pasts building their strong trust for each other. As of now, this show has been great!


One Punch Man

2nd best of the season. If you ever want a good laugh, this is it! It’s a superhero satire where this one guy is a hero for a hobby, but every villain he faces always ends with a single punch because he’s so overpowered to the extent of hair loss. It’s hilarious how all these villains boast their narcissism and our main hero stands there all bored wondering if the villain is strong enough to match him. Thankfully, this isn’t based on a long running shonen manga, but seinen.


Fafner Exodus S2

Dear lord… this show is bad for my health. Every episode shaves a couple years off my lifespan. It’s one step forward to hope, two steps backwards to hopelessness. Otherwise, the mecha action scenes are fantastic as usual, character designs are still the same as usual, and the music is excellent as always. If you enjoyed watching all the Fafner animes, you can’t miss out on this one.


Utawarerumono: The False Faces

I really enjoyed its predecessor and own all the DVDs. Hell, I even made an AMV on it! I knew sequel game was already out almost a year back but hearing the anime announcement was quite unexpected. While it’s a slow paced show so far, I find it relaxing and seeing returning characters from the first show was a nice feat of nostalgia dose. Just wondering when the show will stop doing these slice of life type of eps and get on with the actual story.


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