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Do NOT Augment Your Pre-order

Squeenix instantly became my most hated video game publisher in a matter of minutes. There was only 2 games on my pre-order list – Deus Ex Mankind Divided and Xenoblade Chronicles X. After seeing this video, all my hopes & dreams in buying Deus Ex Mankind Divided were crushed. People say Konami is the worst but there’s no franchises I really care for in that publisher so I could care less.

If the pre-order was something like a limited edition that contained something physical like an OST, artbook, and/or figurine, then sure I’m fine with that. But when you touch in-game content, you just opened up a can of rage. I have never seen so vile as this in video game related news since Ubishit’s Uplay.

Well Square-Enix, it was nice knowing you. Enjoy your greedy ways of selling your games and having zero confidence on the base products.

*crosses Deus Ex Mankind Divided off the list*

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