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music review: the GazettE – DOGMA


Gazette is one of those jrock bands that’s always worth checking out whenever they release something new. They’re so well known across the jrock random that there’s always a division among fans. Some just love to hate on them because of their popularity. I’m not too big on them but I always give them a listen since each of their releases has a share of songs I’ll enjoy regardless.

The title song itself immerses you to what kind of album this will be. Without a doubt, DOGMA is the band’s heaviest and darkest region yet. Things get quite unique the album hits the track, BIZARRE. I love the use of electronics here where it’s only applied that’s necessary. It gives off a very creepy atmosphere that’s almost similar to Dir en grey. It’s worth noting that Reita’s bass lines finally becomes noticeable rather than just hiding in the background following the flow of things. GRUDGE is another standout track where the band’s drummer, Kai, really shines. It’s incredible how much energy this guy has as a drummer almost to the point that rivals Shinya from Dir en grey. GRUDGE is also their most melodic track in the album where their signature melodic phase is most present. Things go back dark and heavy in DEUX with its thrashy guitars and monstrous drumming, and that ending… oh my. BLEMISH is the track I’ve anticipating the most based on the album preview, however it’s the most disappointing song in the album. The transitioning is a little awkward & abrupt from pre-chorus to chorus making it sound like a song from the left over idea pile. Lastly, OMINOUS is what the band does best, beautifully composed ballads. It’s very fitting to hear this as the final song of the album since there was no room for a breather throughout until now. The both guitar solos are quite memorable that flows so well with the song’s conveying emotions.

Overall, this is my favorite album from Gazette. I’m sure fans who loved their DIM album will certainly get a kick outta this. There’s a lot of metalcore and nu-metal influences here. Of course, plenty of headbanging tracks present. I can already tell the concerts will be a blast to go to. I’ll definitely be buying this album one these days.


Most Disappointing: BLEMISH

Rating: 9/10

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