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It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here.

I’ve been very busy with life just being overwhelmed with the new internship I’ve been working the past month. Everyday, I always come home exhausted not wanting to do anything other than game a little here and there. But work hasn’t my main source for stress. There’s certain family situations that’s been sucking us out financially which has always been putting me on the edge because I’m very near broke. Based on current circumstances, I think it’s only a matter of time of staying in this house. All of my saving goals is more of a joke to me now than anything. My best friend is in an even worse situation than me and he’s starting to lose motivation in life. Whenever I go to church nowadays, my heart isn’t there for worship. Instead, I start to feel resentment towards God for not helping us out in this crisis and envy the people around me who’s always having good times in fellowship. So why am I typing all this? Just to rant it out I guess from all the stress that’s been hitting me. That’s just a brief overview of what’s been going on recently.

Switch over to the nerdy side of things, I finished up Daredevil series. It’s hands down the best marvel show it’s got to offer. Not a single female character annoyed me and the Kingpin happens to be the most interesting character in the show. As for movies, Ant-man is the most recent I saw. I admit, this movie is actually more enjoyable than Avengers 2. Highly recommend it.

Anime wise, this season has been fairly decent so far. Gangsta is the most mature anime I’ve seen in years where the entire main cast is full of adults doing adult things. If want another Gungrave-like anime, Gangsta is the way to go. Snow White with the Red Hair is the 2nd best show airing. This one is a very laid back shojo fantasy with a very likable cast and great world-building. It’s quite a contrast to the very plot focused Yona of the Dawn. God Eater is another show I picked up. I’ve never played any of the games but the unique visual style is the main reason to watch it. And finally, I’m watching Gate for the interesting concept of modern meets fantasy (think of it as Stargate). It’s a bit disappointing the mature content was toned down that was present in the manga but whatever. I’m just glad the we have a main character in an adult age. I’m still keeping up with Arslan Senki and still waiting for that damn final episode of Kekkai Sensen. Why won’t they upload it for streaming? We’re in the year 2015 for crying out loud.

As for games I’ve been playing, thanks to a few friends, I’ve started playing an MMO game called TERA several weeks ago. Pretty decent for a free-to-play. Also been playing the new Devil May Cry reboot. The latest game I finished was The Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky. I’m already on my 2nd playthrough. It’s probably the best j-rpg I touched in the last couple years since Persona 4 Golden. I really can’t wait for the 2nd story.

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