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My Quick Thoughts on Supreme Court Legalizing Same Sex Marriage

As everyone knows, the law has passed meaning all 50 states allows gay marriage. Personally, as a heterosexual man, I could care less. It’s got nothing to do with me and brings no harm. One of my best friends is gay and he’s not living in this country. When I found out about his sexuality, did it change the way I treat him? Absolutely not! He’s one of the nicest friends I’ve ever met and I owe him so much for everything he’s done for me. Thank God for a friend like him. As much as I dislike homosexuality, I can never hate on homosexuals. They’re human beings like myself.

One thing that does bring me to attention is the church aspect of things. If a pastor or priest rejects gay marriage ceremonies being held in their churches, they get fined with lawsuits or possibly arrested. I find this completely ridiculous. A church should have every right to reject the ceremony. It practically brings down the very foundation of what the church stands for. I feel sorry for all the church leaders who have to face this staggering issue because it goes against the very core of their beliefs. Besides, why would a gay couple want to hold a ceremony in a holy place that stands contrary to what they’re doing? It’s like the law requires churches to congratulate sinners for sinning. I seriously worry about this country’s future on its society. While many say this country is finally one step in the right direction, I beg to differ. I fear that persecution will arrive – Christians and Catholics being the dominant targets. It’ll be the book of Acts all over again. I find it strange to see heterosexuals to be marching with the gays/lesbians. What does it have to do with them? Are they supporting the cause because one of their family members or friends is one of them?…. Or is it a pedestal for atheists to rise their hate against religion & faith? I don’t know. It’s really sad when the Ferguson news was happening, most people projected their attention to the something else other than the victim’s family who was in need of heart to heart support. They simply used that event to justify their own rights, and thus, all that violent protest and looting. I could imagine the same happening here. If the court has given the choice for same sex couples to marry, then why not give churches the choice to reject?

I understand times change, but redefining biblical things from a cultural and political stance to a point where it becomes a law is unacceptable. There’s a reason why churches have some conservatives within their foundation. All I can do is pray, love, and forgive them as Jesus did for us.

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