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A.D. The Bible Continues

For a bible adapted TV show, this is surprisingly decent. But then again, I’m a christian so that means my opinion will be biased.

The show starts with the crucifixion of Jesus, but the real meat of the story begins where his disciples go back to Jerusalem to spread the gospel after Jesus ascends to heaven. In other words, the book of Acts. The biggest problem I have with many bible tv or movie adaptations are sanitation to make it family friendly for mainstream viewers. Thankfully here, most of the content wasn’t held back. What’s interesting here is the show combines the biblical stories with the historical events, so we get to see what’s happening on the Roman’s side that never recorded in the bible while all apostles are spreading the word of the gospel. I think Peter’s actor is perfect for the role where it actually felt like Peter. I had to read the book of Acts again to confirm how true the show was to the source material. Right now, the current episodes are at where Saul is now Paul thanks to a certain encounter out in the desert and from that point on, things get really interesting. Based on multiple sources, the first season will be 12 episodes total. It’d be a miracle to see a 2nd season announced. The production levels are decently high, but not Game of Thrones level. I’ve shown the series to both my pastor and mother, so far they’ve been impressed.

If I really had any criticism at this point, it would be some of the cliche special effect that’s commonly used in many Hollywood movies. I’ve heard complaints on the acting being over dramatic but considering the times back then, people were very touchy on their beliefs. But to see a show like this aired on network television? Now that’s an achievement.

You can watch the most recent episodes for free here! http://www.nbc.com/ad-the-bible-continues/episodes

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