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My Ideal Smartphone

If I were given a choice to completely customize my smartphone, here’s what I would choose.

Starting off with the body, I’ll stick with the Moto G’s since I have no issues with it and the dimple on the back middle feels great. A few things I would change are the volume rockers be two buttons instead of one small rocker and the power button positioned at the top rather than the side. The finish of the body stays the same and the curve helps to not slip out of the hand. One thing I would get rid of is the back speaker in order to have dual front facing speakers instead. It’s unintuitive to see phone manufactures still place the speakers on the back of the phone.

As for the screen, I’m still sticking with the Moto G’s display. The colors are vibrant, natural, and the contrasts looks great! I’ve had no issues with the viewing angle. Even in outside viewing, there’s been no instances where I needed to cover a part of the screen to see it better. 720p display is plenty enough for me. Who the hell needs 1080p or quad HD on such a small screen? Not only it’s a stupid gimmick but a battery hog.

Spec wise, whatever snapdragon with a 1.5+ghz quad core processor is good enough for me. 2 gigs of ram would be perfect for the sizable multitasking that needs to be done. For internal storage, I’m fine with 8 gigs as long as it has a micro SD expansion slot.

Battery has been one of my biggest pet peeves in the smartphone craze due to it constantly being drained in a day. With the size of the Moto G’s body on the thicker side, use that space to place a much bigger battery inside. Anything from 3000mAh or above that can power up this thing for 3 days at least. Of course, don’t forget to make it removable.

The one thing I wish manufactures focus a bit more on is the call quality. Although it’s tolerable for the most part, it can be improved. Add something that can give the device a much stronger signal. Otherwise, might as well ditch the phone part and use the data plan to call by having 4GLTE.

The camera on the Moto G is absolutely awful. I’d take that out and replace it with either iphone 6 or the galaxy s6 camera that has optical image stabilization. It’s snappy and gives satisfying results in both pictures and video.

And lastly, the operating system. If it weren’t for the uber terrible itunes, I would go for the iOS but that’s obviously not gonna happen. Because Apple being Apple, taking the drag & drop feature away single handily destroyed my desire to give any new Apple products a chance. So therefor, the only choice for me is stock Android. The only bloatware software I’ll allow is Migrate which is a great app for transferring personal information from your previous phone to your new one.

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