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Winter 2015 Anime: Confirmed Watches


Alrighty! It’s that time again. As far as this season goes, only 4 confirmed shows I’m watching and 3 of them are sequels!

Death Parade – This is the only original show I’m watching. Simplest way to describe this show is combine Hell Girl with Saw. Two people who died at the same time face judgement and have to play a game that pushes their humanity to the corner, the winner reincarnates & the loser basically goes to hell. The first episode is really well done, the 2nd however takes several steps back recapping the first with exposition dumps. I prefer the show to leave the conclusion left to the audience’s imagination.

Durarara!!x2 – It’s been around 4 years since the last time I seen first series. There were a handful of named characters whom I still can’t remember the names. In this sequel, they tripled the cast making things a lot harder for me to follow. Durarara is certainly unique where you can’t categorize it in one genre. It’s got action, mystery, conspiracy, supernatural, comedy… yep I can’t put my finger on it. I’ll just take it as it is for now.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders 2nd Season – The only shonen anime I’ve been keeping up with for the past year and a half, so therefor I have to continue watching. Not for the sake of completion, but I actually do enjoy it. Hopefully, this season concludes the Dio saga. If not, well damn.

Soukyuu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor – Exodus – My most anticipated show of the season. This Fafner sequel wastes no time getting into the story. Like the prequel OVA and the movie, it starts off with an intro narrative by Soshi giving off hints in what will probably happen as the series progresses. It immediately sets the tone using the same fantastic soundtrack that was used in previous installments. We have some new characters introduced while most of the main cast still remain. All I can say is, there won’t be enough body bags. Xebec did an incredible job with the visuals in the first couple eps, hopefully it’ll stay that way. Despite of this franchise being unpopular, it’s always nice to see more Fafner anime.

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