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My Top 5 2014 Anime

This category is IN order!

1. Gundam Build Fighters

This was pretty much a given. Build Fighters was everything I ever wanted in the next Gundam series after AGE. Something relaxing and a whole lot of fun. After AGE finished, I was already fatigued with Gundam shows focusing on depressing war dramas. Build Fighters is a breath of fresh air and an excellent welcome to the franchise. This is sunrise’s love letter to the Gundam fans. So many wonderful callbacks and homages to pasts Gundam shows, it’s brilliant. If you’re a fan of the franchise who dislikes this show, there’s something wrong with you. This is the one Gundam series that can appeal to both sides of the audience. Give Build Fighters a chance.


2. Kill la Kill

From the studio who brought you Gurren Lagann, trigger brought us another wacky show on the table. Combine school life with crazy over the top action, this is Kill la Kill. Not only the action is way overboard, even the fanservice is off the charts. This is one of those animes that’s serious but doesn’t itself seriously half the times, sort of like Borderlands. The music in this show also gives off the high energy feeling composed by Hiroyuki Sawano. If Gurren Lagann left you wanting more of that type of over the top feel, Kill la Kill is the perfect candidate for that. Although the show is licensed in America, it’s unfortunately caught in the dirty hands of Aniplex USA.


3. Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun

Yes, another freaking school anime, but this is an exception. I’ve read the manga for this months before the anime was even announced which is a fun hilarious read. The anime adaptation had me skeptical because the manga was a collection of short chapter stories but seeing how Minami-ke did it, I kept my expectation at bay. As it turned out, much better than I hoped. Definitely the best comedy anime of the year. Pretty much all the characters are great. Sakura Chiyo is the cutest anime girl I’ve seen. I can’t wait to own a nendoroid figure of her. Please come out with a season 2. I really want more of this.


4. Initial D Final Stage

If the title wasn’t obvious enough, Initial D Final Stage serves as the last installment of its long running continuation of the series. If I remember correctly, all 4 eps focuses on Takumi race against a young kid who uses the same car as his. Anyways, this is it. There’s nothing different they do in anime apart from the manga. Anime is a better visual representation either way, otherwise no eurobeat. As far as my thoughts on the ending, it concludes well. The small plot hole is Takumi’s girlfriend from the first 3 stages, did they officially broke up? The show never made it clear. Funny that I still haven’t seen the first and second stage.


5. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders

OraOraOraOraOraOraOraOraOraOraOraOraOraOraOraOraOraOraOraOra!!! The manliest shonen anime ever. I have a disdain for shonen fighting anime in general, however Jojo is like a satire to its genre. It has the same tone as Kill la Kill where it’s a serious story that doesn’t take itself seriously, but totally different style. I can’t wait for the next season which should air soon.


  1. February 23, 2015 at 2:05 am

    Initial D is my #1 🙂

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