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Impressions So Far: Summer Season Anime 2014

Before I go to Japan, I need to clear something up.


Akame ga Kill!

I’ve been following the manga ever since its debut, but now that I’m watching the anime adaptation, there things I’ve noticed that should’ve been obvious. This is one of those shows whether you should roll with it or question it. The setting makes no freakin sense just by first glance. This is a medieval fantasy world and yet, why am I seeing characters wearing modern fashion? That’s just one example right there. I figure just roll with it since it sometimes doesn’t take itself seriously. It’s a very cliche shonen anime except with graphic violence and takes its chances killing off named characters. Also, I find it really annoying how any female characters with long hair has to extend the length of their hair ALL THE WAY TO THEIR FEET. Other than that, the show is decently entertaining.


Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun

Hands down the best show of the season. The comedy here is pure gold. Imagine Bakuman as a slice of life comedy show. I love how every scenario is executed. Not a single episode has bored me. One particular episode that stood out to me is ep8 where Nozaki gets all the background perspective wrong on the character placements, then he fixes it by adding boxes to the bottom of their feet. Chiyo Sakura is the most adorable anime girl I’ve ever seen and I can’t wait for a nendoroid figurine of her to be made. All the priceless facial expressions killed me. Unlike other shows, this one has high replay value. Definitely will buy the blurays on day one.


JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders

Anti-moe show of the year. If you’re burned out of many of the shonen fighting animes out there, Jojo will make that refreshing for you. It’s so damn manly that you’ll grow a third nut. The show is almost like a self satire just by not taking anything seriously. The visual style is one of the most appealing things in this show where its got 90s design aesthetics. Very entertaining.


Persona 4 the Golden ANIMATION

New Anime+ anyone? This sort of sequel spinoff mainly focuses on Marie, the new character from the P4G vita game. What I find most interesting is they give Adachi further development by showing us how he became who he is which was never shown in the game. So far, the show as a whole has been rather a hit or miss. The animation quality has been noticeably fluctuating a lot.



A typical mecha show with a boring start. The main character reminds me of a better Shin Asuka from SEED Destiny. The pacing on the first six episodes has gawd awful even for a 24 eps total show but it’s now finally picking up. There’s a lot of hints in the current events that makes it interesting to watch. Thankfully there’s no blatant good vs evil, it all comes down to right vs wrong. Worth giving a shot especially if you’re a Gundam fan.


Tokyo ESP

Another shonen adaptation anime. Think of this as Japanese version of X-men. Having a female lead in this one makes the genre refreshing. It’s funny that Rinka has more balls than most of the shonen leads out there.



I can’t do this anymore. It started off fine but the amount of exposition pisses the hell outta me. I don’t need to be told what’s happening on screen every freakin time when it’s CLEARLY shown to us. The number one rule when it comes to screenplay writing is you SHOW, NOT TELL. The writers here are treating their audience like idiots. Also, what the hell is up with the main character? He’s an iceman who’s written to be a badass with absolutely no logical reasoning behind it. He’s a highschooler who grew up in a normal environment and has blank expression throughout not giving any natural reactions to some of dire situations that’s happened so far. Either he’s seen a lot of shit or just a retard, literally. None the less, if I’m supposed to be cheering for this guy, then the writing has completely failed on that. Why not just drop him on enemy territory so he can single handedly win the war? Here’s how you properly write a character like him, remember Setsuna from Gundam 00? The first 2 min of episode 1 show us hints of his past having us understand how he became who he is. Here, nothing. The one character I was rooting for is Slaine. Too bad he get sidelined a lot. The episode where he gets tortured by that classist/racist/sadist motherfucker made me flip the table because after that cunt realizes Slaine was protecting the princess, he blurts out “forgive me Slaine” and that was last straw. One positive thing about Aldnoah is the high production values. Animation is nice, although the CG mechs is a bit of hit or miss. The ED song is simply awesome. Hiroyuki Sawano once again pours his same old, same old chorus-y epic orchestra that sometimes doesn’t fit the tone of a scene. Seriously, that guy needs to take a break from BGMs for 2 seasons because there’s no variation. I think he’s better off doing vocal collaboration tracks for the time being since that’s where he shines the most, at least to me. Anyways, Aldnoah Zero is an empty popcorn series making it the first anime I’ve dropped in many seasons. I understand the popularity but it’s not working for me.


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