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movie roundups: Lucy, Guardians of the Galaxy, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)

Time to update this blog, speed run style.



Based on the trailer, the movie looked stupidly ridiculous. After seeing the film, it still is. On one sense, it’s truly science fiction in every sense of the word. On the other view, it has a serious storytelling flaw that made the movie pointless. That would be the lack of conflict. Why should I cheer for the main character if she’s basically god? The only time she struggles is when she was dissolving into particles when she ran out of juice for that one moment. 3/10


Guardians of the Galaxy

Great film overall. Loved the callback of 70s & 80s music. Very likable main cast. This is a movie of how to do action comedy right. I can’t wait for these guys to meet up with the Avengers. It’s gonna be pure hilarity. 8/10


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Honestly, I had no expectations for this movie, so I went in curious how it was gonna turn out. Keep in mind, I’ve only seen random episodes of the original cartoon series and parts of the previous live action movies. The one thing I do remember is the personalities of the turtles which this film successfully does well keeping it in character. The movie wasn’t as bad as many expected to be, but there plenty of problems. My biggest issue is that some the action scenes were really disorientating due to really closeup camera shots or tons of motion in the background. I really enjoyed the final battle the most because it wasn’t nauseating. Megan Fox, like in all the Transformers movie, comes out clean without a spec of dust. As for the plot, it’s pretty basic however the blood plot device has been overdone to death. Plus, the tower antenna crashing down reminded me too much of The Amazing Spiderman. I was surprised to see only a few explosions considering Michael Bay’s involvement in the film. The final scene of the turtles accidentally blowing that dude’s car felt like Bay’s desperate need to include one more explosion to end the movie. 6/10

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