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movie review: Transformers: Age of Extinction


Now 4 times the explosion and stupidity.

You know, I honestly had high expectations for this film because no more Goof Lebeouf. So I went into the theaters wanting to like this movie, then I came out completely dissatisfied. Starting with the positives, Marky Mark playing as the new protagonist, plays a much more useful role than previous ones all combined. The new actress playing the daughter is total eye candy. Although I can’t specifically recall the exact scenes, few action sequences were nice. That’s it for the positives. For the negatives, *sigh*, I’m gonna make this short. The pacing is so awful and tedious. This movie ran over 2 hours and 40 min. I checked my phone for the time more than 3 times wondering when it’ll end. The editing is atrocious and it needs to be cut down to a much more reasonable length. Too much focus on the uninteresting humans, and a new set of boring autobots. So much time spent on the action scenes in the last hour that I was getting sick of it. Even the action scenes weren’t that great overall. So much was happening at once it was hard to keep up. Although Marky Mark plays a useful role, his character writing could not escape the shallow generic stereotype of an overprotective father who’s in major financial debt. Forced sympathy anyone? And speaking of stereotypes and cliches, everything that was in the previous films is still here. The humor is typical Bayness, juvenile and offensive. The plot was disjointed and nonsensical since they were trying to put together multiple plot points. I couldn’t find any connections with the prologue scene with prehistoric stuff and the dinobots. There were plenty of cheesy dialogues and if you thought “Gundanium” alloy in Gundam Wing was bad, then you’ll find “Transformium” metal even worse. That’s minor thing compared how terrible the overall movie is. In the end, this movie is a rinse and repeat of the previous ones. Even the ending is exactly the same with Optimus giving his speech “My name is Optimus Prime, and blah blah blah.” I said I’ll keep this short so I’m ending it here. There’s plenty more bad that needs to be addressed but right now I can’t recall most of it and it would require me to rewatch it which I absolutely refuse to do because that means I’d be giving money to Michael Bay. So therefor, I’m officially done with Bayformers. Any more upcoming sequels will just have to wait for it to appear on netflix or methods.

I would rank this film better than the 2nd but less enjoyable than the 3rd. Nothing tops the first.

Rating: 4/10

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  1. July 7, 2014 at 3:19 am

    Good review. It could have been a whole lot more enjoyable, had it not been so damn long.

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