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@ShinStation needs help!

For those who follow Gundamn@MAHQ podcast or any of ShinStation’s streaming events, tragedy has struck on one of the main hosts, Solo Bor… -errr I mean, Soul Bro Ryu. Most of his equipment got damaged through lightning.


As you can tell, lightning has become his worst mortal enemy. Now, if you’re asking yourself “What can I do to help out?”, there are a few ways. One simple answer is healing his bitter heart and mind with encouraging words through twitter or email. That may be easy but it’s a method that doesn’t always go into effect. If I were in that situation where my entire PC got fried along with external hdds connected, I’d be pretty depressed for weeks where words won’t be enough to do the job. With Soul Bro’s charismatic & positive attitude though, he’ll be able to tolerate it far better than me but who knows.

The bigger and more effective solution is donation. To do that, you must have a paypal account. Yes, I dislike paypal as well mainly due to fees but it’s a preferred method on his end. Donate whatever amount you choose and transfer to this email address, ShinjukuStationEnt@gmail.com.

If you choose to donate, Soul Bro will forever be grateful for your generosity and will be remembered as one of the few who saved ShinStation. I definitely wouldn’t want ShinStation to go away anytime soon. They’ve basically became my HBO for broadcast entertainment and deserve every bit of help they can get.

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