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Gundam Unicorn ep7 Thoughts

After several rewatches and thinking about it, here are my overall thoughts. It was good up until the 2nd half.


The Good:

  • The battle of grunts taking each other out, Unicorn vs Banshee, Banager taking out Full Frontal’s dandy.
  • Stellar music throughout.
  • The gorgeous animation of course.
  • Unicorn using the shields as funnels


The Bad:

  • Newtype BS. I understand how newtypes can create strange phenomenon but this is one of the biggest loads of crap I’ve seen. I raised an eyebrow when Full Frontal dragged Banana into this weird time travel thing. Then it became even weirder when Full Frontal’s MS dissolved and fades in gray. That’s not all though, after Unicorn & Banshee defends against Gryps 2, Unicorn bursts out in crystallized form then repaired automatically in an instant. Lastly, with a swing of an arm, all MS is disabled. Perfect newtype? What a load of bull.
  • The lack of Full Frontal’s origin. Being a vessel is not gonna cut it. Anyone could be a vessel. It’s disappointing to see his regression towards the end there spouting out a bunch of generic bad guy nonsense to justify his actions. What happened to that guy anyways? Did the touch of spirit Lala and Char kill him?
  • Alberto crying for Marida’s death made no sense to me. Since when did he care for her?
  • The importance of Laplace’s box always had me head scratching because it keeps mentioning how it’s gonna change the tides of war. However, when it reveals what the thing actually is, I thought to myself… “that’s it?” One little article deleted from the monument. I look back in episode 1 and see the original article being broadcasted throughout the whole media before the colony went boom. It’d be unrealistic for that broadcast NOT to be recorded by some. I mean, EVERYONE WHO WATCHED IT ON TV IS A WITNESS! Does the ORIGINAL monument matter that much? How this became such a big deal to trigger conflicts here is beyond me. I mean the war between the zeons and the federations has already happened which renders the box meaningless.
  • Riddhe.
  • Full armor Unicorn hardly made a difference in battle.
  • Unicorn doing tai chi moves on Neo Zeong was amusing and outta place.


In conclusion, I think of this simply as an extra to UC’s timeline. While it’s nice to see some of the returning characters from Gundam shows prior to this chronologically, the overall show really doesn’t mount to anything important because of F91 and V.


UPDATE: Funny story behind this. The episode first came out during Acen weekend, so a friend of mine brought his PS3 to the hotel room to watch it. Unfortunately, I had a panel to go to, so all I got was the first 30 min to view. When I came back from the panel, I asked if the episode was any good. They responded that it was the worst ending they’ve seen to any Gundam show. They said, “Everything was good up until you left the panel.” So I had to see it for myself but the first file I downloaded was in chinese subtitles. Even though I didn’t understand crap, my first complaint upon watching it was the whole newtype bullshit. Then finally, the translations came out, and wow… my buddies were right. Well, it wasn’t as bad as SEED Destiny’s and AGE’s ending but it was one hell of a letdown.

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  1. June 10, 2014 at 4:16 am

    Well I actually think that the ending of Unicorn promptly creates the struggle in F91, Crossbone and Victory.

    Think about it. Who and why exactly are the enemies in those series and why do they want to do such things?

    In F91 the Crossbone Vanguards want those who are better (aristocrats) to rule over those that are weaker. Why would they go to such lengths to wage a war over this and why would they need to? For someone to act upon something it means that the opposite must be in effect. Why are the aristocrats want to wage a war for power? Chances are because they have become equal to those around them. Also look at the Federation in F91. They were nothing more than security guards in the colonies. In the movie it’s even stated that their political powers are non existent. Then look at the Zeons. They are no more. The Zeon movement was all about having equality between Spacenoids and Earthnoids. Yet by the time of F91 they were gone and the Federation was weaker. I can’t help but say that the introduction of the Charter helped with this. It was never about right or wrong it was about having that equality between two “races”.

    Then going onto Victory again, the aristocrats try to take over with the name Zanscare Empire. The Federation even worse off now compared to what they were in F91. The Federation was so weak that they had to hire a private militia to wage their wars (The League Militaire).

    But out of all this do you see something that has not been a part of the conflict in my argument? It’s that spacenoids and earthnoids were not being told as two different species. In F91 it was about power and in Victory, well it was also about power.

    The beginning of the Universal Century was about the inequality and the harassment that the Spacenoids received from the Earth Federation. Unicorn definitely ended that. And as for needing to explain the ending of Unicorn I suggest reading my post about it (http://thetinygentelman.wordpress.com/2014/05/20/gundam-unicorn-episode-7-over-the-rainbow-understanding-what-the-hell-just-happened/). I believe that in order to understand the ending one has to have watched and understand the technology of the Universal Century. Newtypes have always been a mystical subject in the Universal Century and Unicorn actually reveals most of its mystery. The end of the Unicorn was the true start of the true Universal Century that many had hoped to have come before.

    Also, if you are not familiar with the Universal Century then understand that the smallest amount of emotion is often shown. The reason why you didn’t understand why Alberto was crying was because you failed to understand the one action that Marida had taken to save Alberto’s life. And the fact that he was never truly evil. He was strung along the whole time, just like the soldiers.

    Also it would seem that you didn’t understand the scene of the signing. The charter was not read aloud when it was being signed. It was just merely shown. Most people would not even read the charter. It would not be remembered as much as you think it would be. Thus hiding it was easier. If you don’t believe me then would you be able to repeat at least 3 names from the credits in the end of a movie you have recently seen? Chances are you can’t. True if someone did record the footage such as say news stations, then the Vist Foundation would have easily bought it off from them and taken it out of history as explained by Riddhe’s father. Also the box actually helps the Zeon cause rather than the Federation. So even when the war had already happened it just further strengthens the views of Zeon and puts the Federation in a bad light. Making the war against Earth justified. The reason why Laplace’s box was so important was because the war that everyone believed to be justified was actually evil.

    The box literally could have destroyed the Federation if used wrongfully.

    • June 10, 2014 at 7:28 pm

      First off, I thank you for your (long & unexpected) response. I’ve took the time reading your blog entry as well and you’ve certainly earned my follow, however I must respectfully disagree for the most part. Now keep in mind, I’ve haven’t had the time nor the motivation to rewatch the previous eps so I’m going by memory here.

      Let me explain why Alberto caring for Marida didn’t make sense to me. Yes she definitely saved him from being exposed in the vacuum but how he treats her afterwards just simply adds more of my dislike towards him. If he truly cared for her then, he wouldn’t subject her to be a tortured test pilot for Martha Vist’s plans. Yes he was strung along taking orders but he’s hardly done anything good to help her. There may have been a few hints here and there where Alberto shows concern but in the end, he does absolutely nothing. If this is how he “cares” for her, then I don’t buy it whatsoever.

      As for the rest of your argument, I’ll direct you to this podcast that goes into an in-depth discussion of the final episode. They’ll explain the show’s flaws far better than I could write. If you have an hour to spare, definitely give these guys a listen and post your response in the forum if you like. I know it seems like I’m dodging the bullet and taking the lazy route here but trust me, you’ll get a more satisfying answer there.

      • June 10, 2014 at 7:42 pm

        Gotcha. I’ll listen to the podcast. Thanks

      • June 10, 2014 at 8:21 pm

        Sorry, I listened to the podcast (the portion about Unicorn Gundam) and I honestly found it very bad, biased and uninformed.

        I used to like MAHQ before but after awhile I found the site and its moderators to be biased and give incomplete answers and explanations.

        The podcast mirrors your argument (or you mirrored their argument) and what I found the most similar is that both the podcast and yourself either refuses to understand both sides and its history or just cant understand the other side. (Not saying this with malice, just stating my argument)

        According to the podcast, it would seem that they believe that Laplace’s Box was going to be something (physically) devastating. But in reality, from the start of episode 1 it has always been about “something” that would destroy the Federation’s foundation as a whole. Also according to the podcast the Vist Foundation wanted to destroy the old box to create a new box in order to be blackmailed. That was what they said. This is completely wrong. The whole series, in every episode since episode 2, the Vist Foundation has been saying over and over again that the Vist Foundation was the one blackmailing the Federation. The Vist Foundation shaped the Federation by blackmailing the Federation by threatening to show the truth about the charter.

        Then again the podcast talks about how the newtypes would have governmental powers over Earth and that is not what the charter said. It said that they would have representation in government (like having a senator represent a state) (one of the people in podcast said this should have been written and went on said that the newtypes would have full control of the government was what was written on the charter). And yet it would seem that these people in the podcast did not properly watch or listen to episode 7.

        See how I said that MAHQ is biased or uninformed. That is one of my examples (listen to the podcast again they talk about it at 1:04:45) Now they said this made no sense as to why the Federation would even help out in destroying the box. Again they fail to understand both sides. If the box was revealed then the Federation would be destroyed because it would show that they are the bad guys from the One Year War. And the Zeon would only grow stronger and their causes and actions justified. So instead the Federation decides to help out destroy the box because it would help them stay in power and keep the truth secret. It’s politics. This wasn’t talked about in the podcast. Instead they just play it off as if it makes no sense.

        My problem with MAHQ is that they refuse to understand and refuse to listen to others. Listening to the podcast was like listening to a religious person argue that the sky is God’s carpet and refuses to believe that there is a space because that is where god lives. What I’m trying to say is that the religious person looks at what they think is true and refuses to understand what the other side is trying to say.

        The Universal Century was never about good vs evil.

        And after listening to the podcast it would seem that MAHQ believes that Gundam (Universal Century) is about explosions and fights. But what they seem to forget that the Universal Century is about politics, human behavior, evolution and even a form of racism, not purely action. The Alternate Universe Gundam shows would be highly praised by MAHQ because its what they want it to be (nothing but explosions and bad storytelling).

        Now I understand that you said I should reply to that forum. But as I have tried to correct and try to have a logical argument with the users there before, I am bombarded with misinformed information, racial slurs and harassment. So rather than trying to talk to multiple people yelling at me I would rather inform one person.

    • June 12, 2014 at 9:15 pm

      Where do I start?

      Okay, you bring up a good point on what’s written on the charter about newtypes prioritized being involved in government administration as I carefully watched that part pausing that scene, but it doesn’t change the fact how ridiculous that plot device is. I work in an office where I have to process orders. Making copies of documents of each order is a mandatory thing to keep records of each customers in case things get lost. Here, no one bothers to make copies which is so beyond my comprehension because it’s a political and governmental matter. So having just ONE copy of such an important document is a complete suspense of disbelief. I’m sure they meant Vist blackmailing the feds as it was said in the written review. http://www.mahq.net/animation/gundam/unicorn/guep7.htm

      If both the podcast and I fail to understand this show, then Gundam Unicorn failed to tell its story properly in a logical manner. I understand where you’re coming from with your thoughts however, the logic doesn’t fit the equation with its flawed storytelling. Anymore of my inputs on this will just be repeating what the podcast said. The impression I get from your thoughts is you’re just taking it as it is and justifying everything that’s happened. If you enjoyed Gundam Unicorn and believed it was perfect, that’s totally fine. To each their own.

      Aside from that, I’m gonna have put up a defense on your stance against MAHQ. Clearly, you haven’t read any of their reviews because if you did, you wouldn’t call them biased or uninformed. You’re basing these assumptions on a single podcast episode. Where the heck did you draw a conclusion of MAHQ thinking Universal Century is about explosions and fights? The podcast ep is a review of Gundam Unicorn ep7, NOT Universal Century as a whole. If MAHQ praises Alternate Universe shows, then SEED, SEED Destiny, and AGE wouldn’t be so heavily criticized on their reviews. Saying that AU stuff is nothing but explosions and bad storytelling gives me an impression that you’re an UC elitist. Biased? Aren’t you being a hypocrite here? I don’t know how long ago you posted on MechaTalk or the kind of history you had, but trolling/flaming or any kind of harassment is taken very seriously by the mods. Not everyone there will have the same opinions. Who knows, someone might agree with everything you said. If you want a proper argument or discussion on the show or whatever, consult with Mark Simmons (aka toysdream) and Chris. They’re the most knowledgeable people I seen when it comes to Gundam and are open to discussion. You’re fairly rational with your responses so I encourage you to post your thoughts there, but in the end it’s your decision. Other than that, it was nice talking with you.

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