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Acen 2014 Highlights

Now that’s finally over, here are my weekend in brief overview. I’ve only went Friday and Saturday by the way.


The Good

  • Refreshing feeling of going to a con after skipping out last year.
  • Walking around for hours makes up my lack of leg exercise.
  • Seeing my friends going to acen for the first time.
  • Nobuo Uematsu casually walking around the panel lines.
  • Meeting up with cool new peeps especially in the hotel room.
  • Trying out free drinks (thanks bartender dude!).
  • Some nice cosplays, especially Daft Punk, Mass Effect, Attack on Titan, and Kill la Kill.
  • Custom Gundam models on display.
  • Met Vertical Ed.
  • Funimation.
  • Didn’t spend a penny on a single merchandise.


The Bad

  • Crowded more than ever.
  • No bag policy in the video game room.
  • Missing out on some panels.
  • Panel schedule collision.
  • Irrational fans.
  • Half the cosplays are hideous to look at when it doesn’t match their physique.
  • Project H’s panel scheduled very late/early at night/morning.
  • I still don’t see a vendor selling j-rpgs.
  • Some people with terrible hygiene.
  • No free wi-fi.


The Ugly

  • One of my buddies waiting in registration line for more than 3 hours.
  • AMV events shafted off the guidebook.
  • Not enough spare PS3 consoles for me to try out GundamVS Extreme Full Boost and share the fun.
  • The prices, oh gosh, I could go on about this how everything is so freakin expensive.
  • The lack of fast food places or affordable diners in the area.
  • Still can’t find the Gundam X Divider HG.
  • Sold out Final Fantasy concert tickets early in the morning.
  • No Jpop/Jrock store? Seriously? Fuck kpop.
  • Embassy hotel’s sloooooow elevator.
  • Aniplex of America.


Chances of me going next year is pretty high. Hotel room is a possibility if I can enough people to split.

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