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Where do I begin? Well, if you like Kill la Kill then you’ll definitely like this, I hope.

Before you watch it, please be aware this is a random action AMV and it may cause disorientation to the eyes or pump your testosterone to critical levels due to its fast, cut throat, linear editing style. 😉

I’m just glad to finally put this out because of my close burn out stages of both the song and the anime. Pretty sure this happens with most editors when you spend months or perhaps years on a single AMV. However, that kind of stress is nothing compared to the amount of technical difficulties I’ve encountered during the making. Vegas constantly crashing on me losing a few hours of my work, preview screen blanking out on random spots for unknown reasons, and worst of all, hard drive failure. Thankfully, I backed up most of my project files before that happened. With this outta the way, I’m reverting back to Vegas 8 which was the most stable for me. No more 12.

On an interesting note, this is the first time in 3 years I’ve used a full song on an AMV. In most cases, I shorten it so that I have enough footage to fit in that increment otherwise I’d be screwed but here I had more than I needed. Whew…

Due to my enjoyment of the show, the urge for making a Kill la Kill AMV was triggered by listening to the GazettE’s song, THE STUPID TINY INSECT, from their BEAUTIFUL DEFORMITY album. It was the perfect mix and style considering how wacky & amusing the two are.

For download, click here: AMV.org


Note: I submitted this to Anime Central’s AMV contest and I will attend to the convention this year.

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