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Protip for buying HDDs

When I look up reviews on Newegg for internal hard drives, nearly half the responses are negative due to being dead on arrival. However, reviews on TigerDirect or Micro Center are mostly positive. Newegg generally sells them cheaper than most other vendors which obviously attracts buyers, but why is it that DOA happens more often from there than on local retail stores? The simple answer is shipping. Most don’t know the kind of rough journey these things go through. I worked at both Fedex and UPS as a package handler and let me tell you, seeing all those packages treated by handlers isn’t a pretty sight. This is why I started to buy my hard drives at local stores instead of having it shipped from online orders. Yes, of course the items from local retailers are shipped from manufacturers but the key difference is they’re shipped in a batch, meaning a fork lift is required to carry these batches so it’d be impossible for handlers to throw them. That doesn’t single out the fact there could be dead hdd but the chances are much lower than having a single hdd shipped in a small box thrown or chucked around by package handlers.

So buyers, take caution when shopping for computer parts online.

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