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Winter Anime Season Clean Up

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Cleaning up the idle…


Kill la Kill

I was a bit underwhelmed with the final episode due to the lack of compelling action scenes but it was fine ending to the context of the story. I find it amusing the two main nudist beach members are the most clothed out of everyone. I wish they could’ve used a different song for the epilogue. Shame that we didn’t get to see what happened to the other characters aside from Ryuko, Mako, and Satsuki. Other than that, great show. Anyone who enjoyed Gurren Lagann will get a kick out of this.

Rating: 8/10


Samurai Flamenco

Biggest troll anime I’ve seen. Nothing more to add here since I’ve already ranted about this in my previous post.

Rating: 2/10


Hajime no Ippo: Rising

As usual, Ippo still is a great show to watch. It remains the only sports anime worth giving a shot. Ippo’s fight with Sawamura was good but Takamura’s fight against Eagle stole the show. The arc with the Coach’s past is dull and boring.

Rating: 8/10


Space Dandy

Ah Space Dandy. Very hit of miss show. Some episodes managed to dose me off while some others happen to be really good. The two eps that stood out the most were the zombie scenario and last one which happens to be robot revolution. Sad to say, I’m won’t be watching season 2 as it stands right now to be not interesting enough to continue.

Rating: 7/10


Buddy Complex

As generic as this is, it’s my guilty pleasure mecha anime. Even with the ridiculous names and terms, I found it rather enjoyable which includes the main cast. The final episode however almost made me drop kick the show because it was gonna push the time travel endless cycling cliche, but thankfully it avoided that trap. I’ll watch season 2 as it airs but I don’t have any expectations whatsoever. Oh and please kill off that jilted boyfriend, his existence is a nuisance.

Rating: 7/10


The Pilot’s Love Song

Too little, too late. Seriously, it’s the most disappointing the anime I’ve seen this season. With only 13 episodes total, there’s not much you can do for a revenge story that involves war, politics, steam punk setting, and a handful of characters. The animation quality was inconsistent at times. Some characters really aggravate me like the incompetent captain for the example. Who the hell sends out trainee cadets out in the front lines? Some dramatic scenes made me cringe like the confession scene. I prefer The Princess and the Pilot over this wasted potential.

Rating: 5/10


Gundam Build Fighters

Saving the best last, I was literally in tears upon watching the final episode of Gundam Build Fighters. I actually had a hard time sleeping through the night because of my excitement for the last ep. It’s very rare of me to wake up for an anime first thing in the morning. Haven’t done that since Gundam SEED, unfortunately that show doesn’t hold up to this day. Even watching it in its remastered form, I cringe more than any other Gundam series. Back to Build Fighters, the feels were strong in this finale. As much as I wanted more, all good things must come to an end and what an appropriate end it is. Seeing Ral, Chinan, and Takashi fight was an asbolute blast to see that left me with more happy tears and jaw drops. The ending scene where Reiji and Sei having their final duel with Yuuki was a rather moving moment when Reiji made Sei realize what he was lacking isn’t controlling skills but the resolve to fight on. Reiji indeed goes back to his home world tagged along with Aila but there’s chances for them to come back, especially when Nils invented plavsky regeneration(?), and the crystal necklace Aila has. Everyone gets a happy ending, even the chairman and Baker who’re trying to sell bootleg gunpla in Arian. In the final scene, we see the Build Strike receives another upgrade called Build Strike Cosmos. Overall, this is the most entertaining Gundam series I’ve seen. There’s so many things about the show I love; the cameos, custom builds, humor, characters, the battles. Pretty much everything I ever wanted in the next Gundam series after the disappointing AGE. There were a few things that I did disliked though. First off is China. I didn’t mind her at first but seeing her character archetype so many damn times across other animes eventually annoyed the hell outta me. Japan, can we please put an end to these shy timid anime girls cliche?  Also, the inconsistency of Nil’s character going from genius to an idiot all because the plot required it. Other than that, Gundam Build Fighters is a wonderful show that’s a must watch for fans of the franchise. If you’re a Gundam fan who can’t be open to something fresh like this, then I have to wonder if you’re cynical. I see this show has a gift from Sunrise, not only for creating it but also uploading each episode on youtube with english translations during airdates for us outsiders to watch.

Rating: 9/10

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