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Gundam’s 35th Anniversary Annoucement

So Bandai/Sunrise has announced 3 Gundam animes. One of them isn’t new, it’s a continuation. Two of them are new.

Gundam Unicorn ep7 will be released on May 7, most likely a PSN rental on that date. I don’t know if this is a TV series but it probably is, Gundam: G no Reconguista. It’s the first Gundam series directed by Tomino since Turn A Gundam. Release date for that will be sometime 2014. The third and final announcement is Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin Blue-Eyed Casval. This is probably a prequel OVA/movie to the Gundam The Origin story manga. For more info, go to this LINK.

As for my thoughts, am I excited? Eh, sort of but I don’t have high expectations for anything these days. I just watch’em as they go so I won’t have to be disappointed. I’m glad Unicorn’s final ep will be out in 2 months. Been dying to finally get over that OVA series which has been running for gawd knows how long. The Tomino Gundam series certainly looks interesting but the character design is something I’m not hot about. It’s the same as Eureka 7’s however, it’s becoming derivative just like Hisashi Hirai’s design from SEED, but not as bad as that. The Origin prequel OVA/movie thing, whatever. I still haven’t started reading my Origin manga yet and volume 5 is on its way. I’m slightly disappointed there’s nothing on the continuation of Gundam Build Fighters. I guess this show is only one season. Oh well.

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