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movie review: Need for Speed


Good: Some car porn. Got to see my Bugatti which is sexy as hell but sadly, gets trashed.


Seriously, I was cringing more than 70% of the time. Never seen such a cheese fest like this. Even on an entertainment standpoint, this movie insults your common sense. I feel sorry for Aaron Paul for acting in this terrabad script even though his acting here isn’t much different from Breaking Bad. Seeing Michael Keaton playing as the announcer host guy was a nice appearance. For this movie to be my first theater viewing in 2014 is not a good start. Although I’m glad to see the Bugatti, I wish we could’ve seen more of the cars. The race itself didn’t really blow me away because of the horrible predictable and cliche script that ruined any form of suspense. This is like a scrapped version Fast and Furious that was in the garbage and was picked up by some clueless college students who wanted to make a nice looking movie with shallow mindsets. For a better racing movie, check out Rush. If you’re planning to see Need for Speed, prepare to get double face palmed.

Rating: 2/10

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