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music review: ViViD – THE PENDULUM


ViViD is back with a new album, THE PENDULUM. I honestly lost interest in them since their previous mediocre first album because their music direction went all boy idol band-ish pop rock. Then someone said this 2nd album is their heaviest yet, but I remained skeptical. After giving it a listen 3 loops around, I have to admit it’s pretty good however, it’s definitely not heavy. Still very pop rock but not in a bad way. The thick sound production helps a lot.

The Good:

Winding Road is a nice opener track to get things going on your road trip. Little Dreamer sounds like what UVERworld would do. ANSWER glitters a piano arpeggio then a small sedan char shatters the scene with its low tier sound system. AMAOTO serves as a nice track for background music in gaming. The mellow SCENE 033 leaves you wondering if you’re date went well with your girlfriend/boyfriend. HORIZON is fast and consistent, great use on the double bass drums.

The Meh:

The rest of the songs. HIKARI has anime written all over it…. actually *checks info* Yep! It’s the OP song for Magi S2. Ugh the engrish in THEATER. Note to all Japanese singers: don’t even try to attempt to sing in english until you get the Rs and Ls rights. Things start off seriously well in Crescent until the chorus shifts tone like someone who’s going through a bad day and suddenly your celebrity crush appearsĀ  before you. Celebrate = fangirl magnet. The Devil whispers is the band’s attempt trying to be heavy rockers, nice bass play. Letter is…. just meh. Good Morning World is only effective depending on your awakening.

The Bad:

Red. Who cares? 33-XVI, lame dubstep garbage.

Rating: 8/10

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