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2014 Winter Anime Impressions So Far

Buddy Complex

After such a terrible premiere ep, the show has gotten much better over time. What stands out most is the battles which is traditionally done in 2D animation. Honestly, I haven’t invested much on the plot so can’t really comment there.  Characters however are your typical sets you see in most mecha anime except here it tries to keep it interesting by their interactions with one another.

Gundam Build Fighters

Without a doubt, best anime I’m currently watching. Only gripe with the show is that 13 year old weeaboo with 4 PHDs and master martial arts degree. If he were 18, then I’ll take that but 13? That’s just bullshit writing in every sense of the world. Other than that, every single episode makes me smile like no other. At the rate it’s going, this may end up my favorite Gundam series.

Hajime no Ippo: Rising

So far so good. Ippo continues to be entertaining. Takamura’s fight against the American boxer will probably go on for around three episodes more.

Kill la Kill

Holy shit! I knew this was gonna pull a Gurren Lagann where the bigger scale threat would come into play but wow this surpassed my expectations. This show makes my Thursdays better.

Nobunaga the Fool

Okay, Shoji Kawamori is an excellent mecha designer, however his ability as a writer is questionable. Even with my brain shut off, I’m consistently annoyed with the characters not using common sense in some of the most obvious scenes. Reverse card? No shit it’s reverse cuz it’s upside down moron! In the latest ep, the actions the characters have done make absolutely no sense. Multiple deaths, one completely outta nowhere. I don’t know where this show is going but right now, it’s not looking good.

Samurai Flamenco

Why am I still watching this?


Very hit or miss. Few episodes managed to put me to sleep. Best one by far is the zombie dedicated ep.

The Pilot’s Love Song

Not bad. Steam punk setting is always worth giving a shot and the drama works fine. That premise has lots of potential but with only 12 eps total, it’s a bit worrying.

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