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Christianity and Science

Based on an article I was reading…

4. Christianity Supports Science


Collins said if he were given the opportunity to debate Bill Nye, he would start out “by insisting that the Christian faith gives us grounds for scientific enterprise because it assures us that the God who made the world also made our minds so we can understand the world and manipulate it.” Christianity presents an understanding of the world uniquely suited for scientific discovery.


Meyer agreed, referring to the history of science. “It is a widely recognized point by leading historians of science that science in its modern form came out of an early Christian milieu that the world would submit itself to rational investigation precisely because the world had been made by a rational creator who had also made our minds,” he said. Christians in the late medieval period investigated nature “to figure out how God put it together because they realized God was free and could have made it any number of ways.”


THIS! So this!

There was a certain sermon that my pastor preached upon that deals with God’s way of doing things whether it sense or not. It was the most thought provoking thing that occurred to me up to this day. When it comes to the birth and the resurrection of Jesus, nonbelievers will dismiss that as utter nonsense because it makes absolutely no sense to them. My pastor said, “A God that makes sense isn’t a God, but a God that doesn’t make sense is a God.” Sounds illogical while at the same time it’s logical. Being reminded about Jesus, the thought totally sunk in. God works in mysterious ways we’ll never understand. Because humanity is so self righteous and prideful, people will call it BS when things are beyond our understanding. But what does this have to do with the article? Well let me explain. People who don’t know about God (not atheists) wants science to prove the existence of higher power. Science is an absolute necessity for humanity, however it has its limits. And those limits are us, as in human beings. We humans were created by our creator. Get it? I’ll put it to you this way. For example, let’s just say I’m god and I created the world and people. I give them a fraction of my knowledge that’s sufficient for their needs. If I give them everything, then the whole purpose of “God” renders meaningless because they won’t need me or worship me. Everything I’ll do will easily compute since their level of understanding is the same as mine. Hopefully that clears it up. To those people who are clinging to science to prove the afterlife or anything spirituality, well you’re at a dead end. As long as we’re alive, we’re capped by what we have. Coming to that realization, everything became clear to me and my faith in Christ is 100% secure. The question is do you accept creationism as the truth or do you reject it?

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