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Rant Strike Protocol: Too Much to Cover

This is where I vent everything out of my system. Well, almost.



  • First off, Google, what the hell is this crap? Not only you force users to make a google+ account in order to comment on Youtube videos but you implement this atrocious content id detection system deleting thousands of gaming videos that users went through hell to make a decent living out of it! Also, why the hell am I auto signed off like on a daily basis? It’s the most annoying thing whenever that stupid ass popup comes out ALWAYS trying to make me choose my real name! Did Google lose the concept of privacy? Worst of all, what happen to fair use? These users were given permission to enable monetization and use copyright footage and audio from developers or companies. I’m surprised that my AMVs haven’t gotten taken down even though it’s not monetized. Google, go fuck yourselves. You are officially WORSE than Apple. I don’t know whose shitty idea this is but Youtube needs to separate from Google. I don’t give a rat’s ass about google+ because it’s something I choose not to use and never will. It’s like EA taking their recent games off of Steam so they can force gamers to migrate to Origin in order to play them. But there’s a bigger problem to all. Google doesn’t give a damn if a few million users leave the service because they already have billions of users worldwide. Consolidating everything into one account may seem like a good idea to the company but it should never be requirement. Now there are three choices to this. I can just shut up and deal with this, keep bitching until things change, or migrate to a different video site. The 2nd choice will give me unnecessary stress and the 3rd one is practically useless because all the channels I’m subscribed to aren’t even on sites like dailymotion or veoh. So that leaves me to choice one, as sad as it is, what can I do? Gah dammit google, gah dammit.
  • When I first launched Farcry 3 from my steam, some popup keeps pestering me to register, of course I close it out. So I launched the game again and it still pops up. Uplay? What the fuck is this? So now Ubisoft has joined the evil ranks of EA by adding some stupid fucking bloatware to hinder gaming. Why are you gaming industries doing this? Is simply launching games too much to ask? This is like opening up steam within steam. So fucking ridiculous. Thanks to that, Ubishit is now on my shitlist along with EA. With the steam machines coming out, I wonder how EA respond to this. This is just a mere prediction of mine but once the steam machine comes out, consoles are screwed sales wise. Console game sales can never beat steam sales at the rate it’s going right now. Both PS4 and Xbone needs a paid internet subscription but with steam machines, you’re already connected. Even if the system is about $100 more expensive than consoles, it’s the game sales that will determine future of platforms. I see more PC games than console nowadays but that’s just me being biased. Back to the point, if EA want their games to sell better on the PC, start by putting it on steam. There will be no origin on the steam OS.
  • AniplexUSA, please GTFO! But the real culprits are the consumers. Thanks a lot guys, you gave them a reason to keep on doing the Japanese marketing strategy in America. Now I could never afford Gurren Lagann or Blast of Tempest on bluray. You wanna keep buying their overpriced stuff with useless postcards that holds very little value? Keep throwing your money at them, idiots.
  • All you J-music kanji tagging purists, shut the hell up. Yes I’m looking at you Last.fm and Monochrome Heaven. I tag all my shit in ENGLISH so I can read and know what I’m listening to. If that’s not common sense enough then I don’t know what is. Let’s picture a scene here. A friend walks up to me and asks, “What’s your favorite song?” *Me looks at my mp3s on my phone which happens to be in kanji*. “Oh uhhhh, this Jrock song from this album.” Friend asks, “Which is…….?” I answer, “track 4, sorry can’t read this language.” Friend says, “Wtf man, you don’t even know the title of your favorite song? Retard.” I certainly don’t want to be in that position.
  • Atheists, if you hate religion or faith so much, then why watch religious related youtube videos and make bashful comments? I thought it would make more sense if people avoid the things they dislike but I guess not. You don’t see me watching atheists videos and start arguments on the comments section. If you want to represent yourselves as a “better” community, then just shut up. Act like decent people, not trolls. Same applies to Christians and religious people. I don’t go around telling people that Jesus is the way to life, it’s a major turn off for some people. I know I’m not in a position to tell people what to do but look yourselves in the mirror and think about what you’re doing. It’s something I do in a daily basis that helps me identify who I am and what I do.

To be continued….

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