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2013’s Worst Animes


This needs no introduction. Of all the shows I’ve watched this year, here’s the roundup of the worst.

Dog & Scissors
My rating: 1/10
If you ever wondered what the definition of retardation is, this is it. I’ll just leave it here as I’m trying to block this show outta my head.

Infinite Stratos 2
My rating: 2/10
What’s the point of having a sequel with absolutely NO progression? Oh let’s add another harem bait and this time it’s a cliche shy glasses girl!

Devil Survivor 2: The Animation
My rating: 4/10
Generic setup, generic characters, laughable and horribly predictable premise. Crap ending. An example of why certain video games should stay as a video game.

BlazBlue Alter Memory
My rating: 2/10
A perfect example of how NOT to do an anime adaptation based off a video game. Nothing makes sense. No one is properly introduced. By the time they do an info dump episode, it’s already too late, I could care less. Also the so called character development on Ragna with that android girl caring for some fucking insect puts me in massive headache and double facepalm. Truly wasted potential.

Samurai Flamenco
My rating: not looking good
The best 7 episode show. Seriously, this was one of my top most anticipated animes to watch but they fucked it up with the most abrupt transition of the story. You go from an anime version of Kickass to something surreal outta nowhere by mutating a random dude into a guillotine gorilla. Then it goes full blown power rangers trying to parody the whole thing within a single episode while keeping some of the seriousness. Am I suppose to laugh at this? Because this is not working for me. What a mess this show has become. I think the term “trainwreck” applies here fittingly. I loved the realistic take on masked heroes in the first 7 eps. It worked so well along with the character development and the consistency of the plot. But now it’s all rendered wasted with all this supernatural shit. Since the show is still airing, I’ll continue to watch it, however I will not expect anything good out of it.

Honorable Mention:
Valvrave the Liberator
My rating: 5.5 (both seasons)
For the most part, Valvrave was enjoyable. It’s a show that’s not meant to be looked at with logic, but a series that’s so bad it’s entertaining acknowledging it’s awful dialogues and mecha cliches. There were many cringe worthy moments like the sing-along episode. Also the WTF moment on Ruki’s consensual sex. Then comes season 2. This is where things start to get actually good. Unfortunately, the student massacre episode takes the show to a whole new level of stupidity. Adding a kill’em all Tomino shock factor doesn’t make the show any better. The ending didn’t feel right. All this tragic stuff happened and now everyone’s happily honoring our fallen heroes in that very short epilogue.

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