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music review: LUNA SEA – A WILL

a will

13 years it’s been since their last album. Truth to be told, I was excited for the new album but at the same time, not expecting a major hit. It’s evident these guys were at their creative limits based on their last couple singles sounding painfully generic pop rock songs that seem like it’s from anime OP/ED. But anyways, enough of the intro, let’s get on with this.

Anthem of Light is a great opener that reminds me one of their older tracks, Time Has Come. I could imagine how the concert will luminously start with this song in the most spectacle fashion. Rouge and The End of the Dream rolls along same as before, although Rouge has gotten a slight sound enhancement from what I notice. MARIA feels like one of those song where people unite to get something done for nostalgia purposes. Glowing is almost a breath of fresh air considering how bluesy it sounds but I don’t like how repetitive it is. After giving this several listens, I’ve already gotten tired of it after 2 min in. Oh RUN got an additional treatment by having an (useless) intro. I think absorb is a bit too long and repetitive but it’s tolerable to say the least. Now the best track, Metamorphosis, is fucking awesome! The title itself gives off that power aura feeling before the listen. Though I can’t help it but to think that this song is the cover LUNA SEA did for X Japan’s Dahlia since it sounds alike. GIN NO TSUKI is like am uplifting version of Mother. It’s a lower mid tempo featuring the same old Sugizo violin screeching.

Saving the worst for last, Thoughts and Grace, these are boring and absolutely nothing special. Thoughts would’ve been better if the vocal work was redone. Grace is like every other uber generic jrock song that’s out there. The biggest negative A Will is Ryuchi’s vibrato. It’s really grating at times, like near T.M.Revolution and Nana Mizuki level of irritant. This is why songs like RUN is nearly unbearable to listen to.

Overall, it’s a fine album. Definitely worth listening to (and buying the CD if you’re loaded). I really have to wonder if this will be their final album. While I don’t mind them releasing more new stuff, I certainly don’t want them to create more dull generic songs that are more quantity than quality.

Rating: 8/10

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