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music review: girugamesh – MONSTER | Maon Kurosaki – Vertical Horizon

33858-andltahrefhttpwwwjpo-8jwugirugamesh – MONSTER

It’s been a while since girugamesh has released something new and I’m not counting their singles. Truth to be told, this album reeks way too much party animals and fangirls. This is not necessary a bad thing if this stuff gravitates to your taste but listening as a solo experience, definitely doesn’t sit right. I can see songs like this would work on concerts without a doubt. However, there’s only one song I was able to listen to multiple times that is Resolution. Monster as a whole just doesn’t cut it for me. I really miss the solid rock/metal songs girugamesh had that was in a serious tone with no cheesy synths. I don’t mind happy or fun songs but when’s there’s too much of it, I cringe.

Rating: 3/10


????????????????????????????????Maon Kurosaki – Vertical Horizon

Now this is pretty much everything I wanted. Maon Kurosaki released some hit of miss singles after her Butterfly Effect album. But now, I think it’s safe to call her a jrock princess. The final three tracks are boring generic ballads you would expect from an anime orientated singer and her voice didn’t sound like a right fit for it anyways but the rest of the album is orgasm to the ears. Ranging from pop rock to almost industrial metal style, it’s so refreshing to see artists her taking on heavy sounds without sounding too poppy. Of course that’s not to say there isn’t pop songs in it but they’re accompanied by well integrated synths and not boring to the least. My top pick track is number 9 which is In a Heartbeat Rang, I Listen to the Silence. I had no idea that song was a single at first until I read other reviews. It’s her best song up to date ever since SCARS. A perfect blend of melodic and heavy guitars rolling up and down that makes me wanna play this in my (future) guitar. I highly recommend this album!

Rating: 8/10

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