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Plans for the future

I’ve been thinking about what my plans are for the future, not my personal goals but plans for putting out my thoughts on my blog expressing my interests. Lately, I’ve been lazy to type and I find it more of a chore write long posts like reviews of stuff. So, this has been on my mind for quite some time now and that is doing a podcast. But before that, a certain topic has been stuck in my head for the entire week. That would be “What if Xenogears were to become an anime?” I thought about writing this out on my blog but the process takes too much effort and it’s not as fun doing it on my own. This isn’t going to be shallow discussion. I’ll be going through many segments on this topic such as going through animation studio choices and directorials. Yes, the idea is stupid and filled with nonsense but I’m in the mood for dreams and candyland. This has been discussed with a good friend of mine who’s great fan of Xenogears and would go through great lengths to support this title. So sometime next year, we’ll be doing a podcast so keep a look out. It’s gonna be fun, at least to me.

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