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music review: the GazettE – BEAUTIFUL DEFORMITY

Oh Gazette, what you guys need is a one year hiatus.

I don’t know how these guys are able to pump an album every year but it’s clear that they’ve exhausted their juice. Most of the songs here sound very identical to their previous two albums. THE STUPID TINY INSECT is an obvious rip off from HEDORO in their Division Itd album, INSIDE BEAST sounds like a recycled track from all their songs (SUICIDE CIRCUS) that used electro synth, except worse due to muddled production quality. Then we got usual pointless headbang tracks that only results in giving me a headache. How many more do they have to make? The female background vocals make their return once again for better or worse. Ultimately, Ruki’s is the core problem with the band. It’s flat and boring as if he’s not trying or give a damn. I just can’t sense any passion in his singing. The screams and growls don’t make it any better, just the same constant tone. This is probably because the instruments are so dynamic in the background making his vocals so underwhelming or feel secondary. The only track where he makes an exception is REDO which I have to say is one of the few stand out tracks. Whenever I hear FADELESS. I think keep thinking I’m listening to Luna Sea’s Sweetest Coma Again. TO DAZZLING DARKNESS is another good track with a nice breakdown in the middle, then transitioning to an excellent outro, CODA. I have to admit, CODA is without a doubt the best track in this entire album. Can you believe that? An outro song being the best? Yep, I can’t believe it myself. That pretty much shows how much of a let down this album is. Overall, BEAUTIFUL DEFORMITY isn’t awful or ear cancer but it’s not good either. It’s more of TOXIC or DIVISION Itd version 2.0.


The Exceptions: LOSS, LAST HEAVEN


Rating: 4/10

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