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Reminiscing Alien vs Predator

As I was watching James’ AvP movie review, I thought back when I saw both films. The first one sure was disappointing but not awful. It nailed the action scenes and was entertaining enough to watch it for the 2nd time. I don’t think the movie would be any better if it was rated R adding all the blood gore. Then when the 2nd movie came, it was atrocious. More than half the film, I couldn’t tell what was going on because of the horrible lighting. Nearly everything in the movie is just awful. The only things that was unique is that it took place on earth where it was civilized and the appearance of predalien. I had an argument with a friend back then about the two movies and I responded the first one was better than the 2nd. He disagreed quite frustratingly then said the 2nd movie automatically wins since it’s R rated with the blood and gore. And I’m thinking to myself, how can a god-awful movie like that win over you all due to a single element? It’s clear this director(s) has no experience in filming action scenes as it completely fails to deliver. Characters are copy and paste from generic slasher films. Absolutely nothing stood out. If there was ever a 3rd movie in the making, have the humans be marines at least. Anyways, this is just a thought that came into my mind watching these movie reviews.

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