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anime review: Blood Lad

Very good show and possibly the only good one this current season where each episode has consistency in terms of quality. It’s too bad it was only scheduled for 10 eps total which explains the unresolved ending, except that wasn’t even an ending. The series felt like a prologue to a main story we’ll probably never see animated unless if season 2 gets announced. But I’m not bitching about this ending since it’s been justified with no fillers and pitch perfect pacing. Back then, I bitched nonstop about Inuyasha’s ending (before the sequel series aired) because it was given 167 episodes, and yet they wasted so much on fillers recycling the same scenarios resulting a horrific ending where all the characters just runs happily ever after with NOTHING RESOLVED! Blood Lad’s ending however, wasn’t good or bad, there wasn’t any. Instead, it’s a nice segue to the next arc.

Rating: 8/10

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