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anime reviews: Valvrave S1, The Devil is a Part-Timer!, Devil Survivor 2 The Animation

Valvrave the Liberator

Imagine Code Geass on heroine, that’s the type of show you’ll get. First ep starts off a very conventional sunrise mecha anime, then adds ridiculousness to the point where the show is trying to be a self satire. It’s so bad it’s funny and entertaining. High school students declaring their own little space colony a country? Sure let’s see how far that goes. A perverted ZERO system in a Gundam Valvrave? On noes, a random rape consensual sex scene. A musical. A teenage nazi-like one man army. One liners that’ll make fangirls squeel. Blah blah blah. Will I continue this through season 2? Sure, but I won’t expect anything other than facepalm and hilarity.

Rating: 6/10


The Devil is a Part-Timer!

Wow. I actually want more of this. Without a doubt, this definitely surpasses Ixion Saga DT and is right on par with Seto no Hanayome. I’m impressed how the humor is consistent and doesn’t try too hard finding new ways to make the audience laugh. Thus all the tropes used in most light novel adapted shows feel fresh here. This is one of few series where a tsundere is done right because it works so well with the context of the story. THANK GOD FOR NO LOLI used as fanservice shit. I wish Ashiya had more roles to play other than stomach sick for nearly half the show. Otherwise, this gets my stamp of approval. I’m glad Funimation picked up the show cuz I’ll definitely be buying it.

Rating: 9/10


Devil Survivor 2 The Animation

Certain video games should stay as video games or else it’s a recipe for disaster making Devil Survivor 2 The Animation the best example of that. Utterly cliche setup and a predictable notion of the plot along with some WTFs moments. The world is about to end and the only way to save it is to use pokemon. Your main character is just some typical idealistic teen, his annoying side tracked perverted best friend, and a shy big boob chick. The show’s ending? Hit the reset button. Sounds familiar? If you’ve watched hundreds of animes like I did then it should. I can think of at least 10 titles up in my head that uses the exact same setup used in this show. It’s impossible to take this show seriously when it tries too hard only to end up being laughable.

Rating: 4/10

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